Quantum Astrology

Much respected astrologer Rick Levine here gives a great presentation and introduction to Quantum Astrology, a view of astrological practice that marries our current developing scientific understanding of the quantum nature of reality with foundational applications of astrological knowledge. Its emphasis on planetary and interplanetary cycles throws an historical perspective of the wave function and scalar nature of this perspective, its pulse and significance, into sharp relief……current interpretations of events mentioned not withstanding as ‘givens’, the vid provides a clear and informative view of one of the most dynamic and essential areas of development within the astrological ‘paradigm’ – enjoy!

October 17th – Auspicious Indeed!

On October 17 2012, just two days into lunation of the Libra new moon, Mercury in Scorpio and Venus in Virgo, continuing to hold tight to each other in sextile, both put pressure on Jupiter in Gemini with a quincunx and a square aspect respectively. Mercury, being ruler of both Gemini and Virgo, dictates the agenda that Jupiter is pushing us to reflect upon within – we need to grow in our thinking about this agenda, to make room for it in our lives, and to listen for how it raises a deep passion and sense of personal truth in us. Nothing else will do…….

……look to Jupiter’s position in your chart to ascertain which area of your life is being spotlighted in this way and give yourself some time during the day to explore this with quiet reflection and inner sight……

….the rewards will be great as the Moon will be transiting the North Node through the day and offering the opportunity to ground the findings of your quiet reflections in harmony with your soul path – auspicious indeed!