25th October – Presence

October 25th sees a virile injection of planetary power as Sun conjuncts Saturn in the 3rd degree of tropical Scorpio. As this enters tight orb and comes to exact the Moon transits Neptune and Chiron, retrograde in early Pisces, this stellium forming a trine with Saturn and the Sun. We also find Mercury moving into within a degree of the Moon’s north node in late Scorpio, Mercury is in an ongoing sextile with Venus that will begin to break out of orb over the period of the coming Full Moon on the 29th October. Mars in mid Sagittarius is tightening in opposition with retrograde Jupiter, currently at the mid-point degree of Gemini. To complete the picture, working with the primary planets, Uranus, retrograde in early Aries, is in waning square with Pluto, direct in Capricorn.

The Sun is a stellar lens through which our inner drives are illuminated with fertile life-giving energy and empowerment to action. It is a point of focus for the radiance of personal identity, encouraging inner life forces to expression – this expression finds its natural language and perfect mirror for the fecundating life force in the forms and beings of living Nature. So, when the Sun conjuncts Saturn, the lens is focused even further and can become a powerful stimulus for manifesting those drives and giving them concrete form. In Scorpio these drives carry an emotive signature that gives them a deeper root – It is also the sign that indicates fundamental values that we share, ancestral values and qualities that we have inherited, making the hidden aspects of our world tangible through deep feelings and subjective knowing.

Since Saturn provides us with the gravity needed to hold things together the two forces work together to intensify their innate qualities, concentrating and defining their effects – this is an alignment that manifests ‘presence’.

In esoteric terms the combination of energy and focus is the prime template for setting intent, so, making clear your objectives is both called for and enhanced. This applies equally in the mundane world – this is a powerful day for organising your personal agenda in line with your deepest passions.

Politically, it is a time in which fundamentalism is highlighted. With Mars coming into opposition with Jupiter the idealogical instinctive drives are on full alert – how these play out in the world is all about how established agendas shape our inner patterning and, on the positive side, can bring the opportunity to re-assess and update them, a prospect that hardened Saturnian types will be most challenged by……or show their true brilliance!

The key here is to allow the imagination to balance the process inwardly┬á– emotionally, make your most hidden secrets the object of fierce scrutiny and get honest. Painfull as this may be, it is the key to liberation, and that applies on all fronts…..and, creatively, this could well be a day of manifest genius.

….all these influences focus on the heart and soul of our true nature, so, trust in our inner guidance and clarity about what is in our hearts brings the real nature of our soul’s purpose into awareness with this complex matrix of influence – now is the time to embody our integrity and shine.