Journey into Wholeness – Saturn trine Chiron

A beneficial trine between Chiron and Saturn is closing to exact as we approach the New Moon of the 13th November. We might normally associate this trine with the breaching of blockages that have hindered progress on our soul path, and with Saturn in Scorpio  and Chiron in Pisces, the emphasis is on emotional healing, especially that which is funded by the spiritual realms and which comes through deep imaginative processing. Much of this energy is about staying present with the process and allowing to surface that which we instinctively know will allow our spirit to fly free of its karmic baggage. This can carry a strong emotional charge, so care should be taken to see that we have the support we need to carry it through.

This sounds like big medicine in the global context, but, it can also work on the micro-scale at a deep cellular level. For undertaking personal work here sound baths and vibrational medicines will be particularly helpful in this process, as will mantra yoga and drum and rattle work that carries us beyond the limiting structures of our everyday consciousness. One of the most important apsects of this work through the trine energy is that our intentions for undertaking the work are clear at the beginning, so that, crucially, we are able to let go into the process fully once the ‘journey’ has begun. Creating a clearly defined sacred space for this work at the beginning is also highly important, so calling in the assistance of our most trusted guides, mentors and allies in healing is highlighted. In undertaking soul centered work with a healer, both in councelling and shamanic work, it is good to choose those who are especially experienced in working within the spirit realms. Saturn and Chiron working together can assist us in making these choices.

As this may imply, the prevailing conditions are highly suited to soul retrieval work, especially as two unique factors will also be contributing to the qualities of the energies involved in creating them. The first is Mercury retrograde…..

Much of this work can be undertaken at will, through choice, as the calling comes to us, but, soul work of this nature carries a timing of its own, the ‘calling’ emerging from outside of the chronological timelines of Saturn’s realms, being sourced beyond the realms of personal consciousness and choice – we ‘know’ when it is time, the ‘kairos’ moment. This is the quality of time at the crossing point between the worlds, and one of Chiron’s gifts as a bridge maker between the inner and the outer planets. If the calling for deep work does not arise, it is best to wait and focus on simple recapitualtion and meditative practices. If it does, we can capitalise on these approaches in the time that follows the heart of the healing work. Either way, Mercury’s retrograde period after the 6th gives us an opportunity to take advantage of an internally focused quiet time, to integrate the fruits of our healing work and contemplate the ramifications of this re-integrative journey.

Secondly, Chiron is currently crossing Saturn’s orbit, moving away from the Sun and entering Uranian space – the realms of the personal unconscious. Assistance from divine sources is here becoming more available through the path that Chiron is opening up. In both recovering vital parts of our spiritual essense and in clearing away the blockages to this process, through doing this work we will be in a strong position to take full advantage of the doorway of opportunity that the Solar Eclipse will swing open for us at New Moon. This is an opportunity for reseting our path in line with our integrity, as a deepened expression of our personal truth.  What we uncover now and bring understanding, awareness and compassion to will shift us beyond healing and towards re-integration of life force that has hithertoo been beyond our grasp as we approach the December Solstice. This is a time for letting spirit guide us in bringing innate potential and revolutionary changes into our world through the profound and lasting changes we ourselves are embodying. It is a journey into Wholeness in which our inner light can shine with genuine fullness in the world.

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