A Most Mysterious Time

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On January 1st 2014 around 11:12 am UTC the Moon exactly aligns with the Sun in the 11th degree of Capricorn in the tropical Zodiac. With Capricorn hosting Mercury, Pluto, the Sun and Moon all within 2 degrees of arc, that is a lot of psychic and mental energy, drive and power focused into initiating the new lunar cycle, and it does so from a strong Cardinal Earth foundation. The desire to initiate a new basis for expressing and embodying our personal power is emerging. It may not be wholly visible en-masses, but……this is about moving a mountain, one rock, pebble and grain at a time……and, while it is a process that involves us all, it is by virtue of this fact that its collective power is most potently expressed at a personal level. And that is a power that it is growing exponentially. This, like the following Moon, is a ‘supermoon’, initiating an intensified lunation – can you feel it? Our world may be under duress, but, ‘our time’, we can surely sense, is upon us!

On an individual level the will to express fundamental truths, to cut through the crap and get at the core of what matters most to each of us will be very strong during this lunation, but, there is also a strong note of caution here. While this is initiating a renewal time for ‘walking our talk’, it is also one in which we would first do well to be content to observe, to gather the facts and knowledge that we know to be real, that truly belong to us. Only after doing this to a point of ‘knowing’ can any one of us have the absolute certainty that ‘the talk we are walking’ is undeniably ours, and not borrowed, learned or the result of conditioning and programming. If you think you’ve heard this before, well, you have – get used to it! This is crucial not only for staying with our personal truth, in our integrity, but, for what will follow in the coming months……the crunch line of this lunation builds on the previous full Moon, and that is that “the ‘true revolution’, the one that really matters, is within, each of us“. If the impulse at the height of that lunation was galactic, now its well and truly Earthed.

This new Moon stellium is squared by Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries, an oppositional combination that is likely to shoot first and ask questions later. Look out for provocation – be and stay cool!Sudden insights that might force our tongue can easily backfire, so, ‘keeping one’s council’ when those insights come firing across our bows is the watch-word, at least for the  time being. Get street-wise to the vibe that’s building……its not about being re-actionary, it’s a matter of heart……

Venus is also in Capricorn, unaspected, but, she’s at the beginning of possibly her most significant retrograde period in over 250 years. The inward working Venusian energies will help us to get to the heart of all matters upon which we bring that psychic, mental and will power to bear. Venus is now in complete sync with the solar seasonal cycle, stationing on the December solstice and following cross quarter festival of Imbolc, for the first time since 1762. But, listen up, and, before we go head to head with life’s challenges, it is essential that we ‘look with the eyes of the heart’ and not the ego here, to bring the necessary balance and equilibrium to our findings and what we witness. Why? Because the heart knows the truth. Trust in yours. Its in our nature to do so.

Jupiter retrograde in Cancer is trined with Saturn in Scorpio and in that on-going aspect we can find an emotional stability and ability to face the truth. Even when it is emotionally most challenging, when the words get hottest, we can find the dignity to retreat, knowing there’s no disgrace in doing so. In fact, while there is a mood of brooding tension here, if we call in the elder-self present with and within each of us, we will see our patience pay off. Here is one of the key differences between those who advocate the old power structures, which are primarily based upon the use of force for the maintenance of power and authority, and the incoming ones, those who advocate the empowered individual, the one who ‘knows’! There is a return of something deeply ancestral at work in this, something with a very old root.

The most subterranean energies carry the deepest charges. Earth will show us the truth of this. But, individually it bodes us well to co-operate creatively with those energies, to merge our own drum-beats with their own. Yet, while the old gods and goddesses speak through our unconscious, and while the unconscious is ever present, can throw us at a moments notice and have us dropping our guard when we least expect it, not only can that same water trine can help us navigate the flow of deeper energies through our lives here, but,  Venus also emphasises the very real power of love and compassionate forgiveness in meeting those deeper energies when they do arise. They are hurting too, mostly, it would seem, through neglect – we are all in this together! Time come…….

As we transit this potentially unsettling yet immensely significant and rewarding time what does all that mean on the ground? Put simply it means, once again, first and foremost, not buying into other people’s shit!! We know that is not why we are here, any of us…..and we should rest assured, something much more significant is at work. If it was seeded one year ago……now it is, like Venus, shedding its final veil. A most mysterious time……for all apparent the drama! Isn’t it always the way…….one day, if we heed the times now, we will look back in both laughter and wonder……..

Venus will track back to 13 Capricorn and station just as the current lunar cycle evolves into the next at the end of January. The Sabian symbol for that degree tells us of a fundamental ancestral truth coming into the world, something that has been overshadowed, overlooked and buried by the mindless accretions of ‘progress’, something that yet remains at the foundation of our essential humanity. Once Imbolc arrives this will mark the real turning point for all our inner focus and energy  to evolve out of that ancestral core.

The energy, information and inner strength and connections we have built up over this lunation will always be available to begin working its magic in the world, but, will you pay heed, will you hold your own council, follow the drumbeat within, and prepare yourself with due diligence, because, if you do, walking your talk will become a walk of true power. And that is what we most need in this world – people who can bring their own truth and sovereignty to bear on their own lives and stand beside those of like minds, spirit and heart, as brothers, sisters, people of many colours and, in this sense, of one source.

This is where the ‘revolution’ has its deepest tap root. It is all about the true foundations of power on earth – they are sourced in Nature, and this lunation is a signal moment for throwing off whatever shackles are holding us back and proclaiming our own true nature.

Mars regroups opposite Uranus, squaring both Pluto and Jupiter shortly before Beltane, so we have an opportunity to sense now what will be in the making then – but, by that time, we should be ready to make all this truly count……

Stargate to a Revolution

deep motherDecember 17th sees the Sun conjunct with the Galactic Centre in Sagittarius with the full Moon opposite in Gemini. This signals the start of a potential time of quite profound inner enrichment and reconstitution. The impulse that fuels this is coming from the very heart of our galaxy, but, the planetary network is perfectly aligning to allow the highly refined creative wisdom of the source to scale down in the process and fully integrate into earth-life, should we choose to engage and consciously work with these astral influences.

For people working with stellar energies this is a golden opportunity. The doors will open for an influx of interstellar influences through this full Moon and, given what follows, this has implications for well beyond this lunation. Over the full Moon period of three days those influences find affect through our personal awareness and innate human capacity to visualise and make mental connections. As Uranus is stationed at the exact time of the full Moon and goes direct on the 18th December the same influences can be put to evolutionary and inventive use on the earth plane. This is like the planetary tumblers in a solar system sized lock falling into place so that something much bigger can come in and work through us, and, this is how we should best view this Moon-time if we are going to work with its inherent energies. If the star-gates are anywhere through this time they are within.

Coming just before the solstice this augers well. If we use the coming days constructively, what we set in motion with the solstice turnaround of the Sun will be carried through until the beginning of February by a very special agency…..the planet Venus.

I will be taking a more in-depth look at the significance of Venus through this six week period over at Owlmirror, but, for now this is by way of a heads-up for what’s happening immediately around the full Moon and solstice itself.

Venus stations and goes retrograde on the solstice and will spend some 40 days travelling back through Capricorn to within a couple of degrees of Pluto. And, as if in perfect synch with the fire festivals, Venus will station and turn direct again in near confluence with Pluto’s deep searching energies on February 1st, Imbolc.

The whole period is shot through with an emphasis on the relevance of feminine power in the context of worldly issues, and that includes our inner relationship to the divine, that is to say, archetypal Feminine. Being in Capricorn, Venus also emphasises our natural earthly powers and natural rights, what they afford us and where they are under threat. This will be a time to re-evaluate the balance between human power and natural power. Some astrology commentators have suggested we will see greater focus on diplomacy in political arenas, but, I am seeing a fierce element of protective behaviour being felt and, later, openly expressed here, as befits a mother protecting her young. Environmentally, we may need to experience quite primal levels of sheer feminine force in the process, if only to bring a perspective into focus that redresses the balance of power. The energy of this time will awaken memories of who we are and why we are here…..

If you are working in and with Nature the deeper layers of consciousness at work, both in the literal subterranean world and the spiritual lower worlds, will be very much on call and asking to be recognised and honoured. The gateways of power found in these areas of perception, awareness and experience can become the perfect grounding space to interact with the incoming galactic influence. Telluric energy was ever the dragon power, but, we have seen the relationship between the maiden and the dragon subverted – she was there to protect the fiery one, but, has only recently been deemed the maiden needing protection, where formerly, as the Great Mother it was always her role to hold the serpent in both hands and let the power flow through Her! That serpent power is electric, is immensely healing and is sourced in the stars…….

Nature holds the star codes – anyone familiar with the animal, bird and plant tribes will know the truth of this, but, it is equally true of the ancient sites that have held the ancestral memories of our connections with the stars intact ‘in’ the land.  These will be very much in focus, specifically accessed through inward experiences and on the inner planes, but, this is precisely where those stellar influences will find their most harmonious and effective grounding, especially over the 16th, 17th and 18th of December. This is a window, for those in the ‘know’, of subtle yet powerful opportunity.

We are talking about star power here in harmonious symbiotic relationship with the living Earth through our seasonal dance within the cosmos. Symbolically, just as the fruit ripens around the seed, the inner fire, the spark of life within the seed, ripens and becomes an enriched life-force in this process. What makes this possible in unique and transcendentally symbiotic, that is to say ‘evolutionary’ ways, is the galactic connection, augmented with Uranian timing and direct energy, and that is where our inner nature, our innate powers for connection with the subtle and non-physical realms comes in. It is an invitation to open an inner star-gate through those innate powers.  What comes through and transpires will serve us well further down the road….

By the time Venus goes direct, provided we have been working with them, the enriched and star-blessed energies coming into and through our personal worlds will be ready for us to test out in the wider world, on the ground. Here is where the galactic and off-planet becomes truly grounded – this is in effect to describe a potential realignment with the ultra creative Sophianic wisdom at the heart of the Mother of all Life, and it primes us for the initiation of a revolution, one could say, The Revolution….the one we have all been dreaming of and waiting for.

That will be the theme that is dominant on the earth-plane building through and after March Equinox 2014 when we will see a mighty cardinal grand cross come into the planetary matrix, as Mars, Pluto, Uranus and  Jupiter stand at 13 degrees of each of the cardinal signs. And 13 degrees Capricorn is where Venus will station at Imbolc……

13 was ever a magic number sacred to the divine Feminine…..blessed be!

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