The Shaman and the Moon

Hunter and the Skeleton Woman

The Moon reaches fullness at 16°19′ tropical Pisces, 2:40am UTC on September 9th, and brings the key wound of this Age, the subjugation of the Feminine, into full view. The planetary matrix is showing us the need to embody the role of healer and redeemer towards that wound.

Chiron is within one degree of this full Moon and emphasises the significance and nature of the wound itself. In accordance with the myth, which speaks of the need to accept that only by entering fully into life can we redeem our own suffering, we have entered the realm of the wounded healer. The wise centaur points directly towards our global wounds, the gashes in the fabric of Life that need us to bring this awareness to bear. The onus is on us all to own the wound, to see it in our selves, and to let its wisdom speak through us, transform us. To do so is to engender the energy necessary to achieve Critical Mass. Only then can we transfigure our species and heal the wound.

Chiron’s animal nature is key. The energy of this full Moon must be a gateway for our instinctive drive-to-survive. If this lunation be about bringing passion to our allegiances then this full Moon shows us what happens when we do. It is time for the strongest forces within us to have their say, the will to protect Life and to be willing to put everything we have into the fight.

Venus opposes Neptune from Virgo at this full Moon. So far, the critical mass has only been demonstrably seen in disconnected outbreaks, achieved in global pockets and lacks the vital impetus that embodies that drive collectively. This disconnection is something of a mirage and is largely down to the fact that the media’s mainstream coverage of these demonstrations of ‘solidarity’ is deeply biased in favour of the ‘status quo’. Neptunian deception is all pervasive, the orthodoxy mispresents facts, its representations designed to engineer a prescribed response in the populace and, by and large, the truth is completely clouded out of the picture. But, if you follow alternative media sources and, as Venus now indicates, you keep an ear to the ground, you will know that there is a critical mass emerging, that there is much underway in the world that is in fact ‘healing’, and that this is rising and expanding. Realism and feet on the ground discernment, this opposition tells us is, however, essential.

In traditional Chaldean rulerships the second decan of Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansive energy and philosophical largess. The traditions surrounding the middle degrees of Pisces speak of great matters involved in making choices, the kind that really matter. Are we to remain victims or can we champion the greater cause. Mars, preparing to fly through Jupiter’s sign over the coming weeks, is in late Scorpio, out of aspect, and stands to infuse any action undertaken over the coming days with additional depth, passion and meaning. It is also likely that the whole idea of war-making will be questioned with increasing effect through the coming weeks. However you view it, this is not a time to stand on the sidelines.

As if to hammer the point home Saturn at 18° Scorpio, trines the Moon and sextiles the Sun. Saturn also reminds us of the rigidity that can kill off the life-force, the unbending adherence to structural regimens that ultimately evolves stasis. Scorpionic incalcitrance at the lowest vibration teaches us the harsh truth ~ Stasis = Death. It is the ‘status quo’ that must be sacrificed. However, as temporal gatekeeper Saturn does not necessarily want us to remain locked within stasis, but, rather learn the lesson of the moment ~ ‘how to go forward’. We stand on that threshold. The ancient symbol of transfiguration associated with Scorpio is the Phoenix.

The lunar disc finds the fixed star Homam marking the azimuth of its maximum luminosity in the 17th degree of Pisces. In the neck of Pegasus, a constellation itself associated with rising above difficulties, Homam lends the full Moon the need to strive upwards, to pull oneself out of victim states and to claim the power of redemption. This is not all it seems ~ luck may have its role to play. As if fate were lending her ear to the moment, Homam, ‘the whisperer’, is also the bearer of the gift of ‘chance’…..

But, let us not forget, it is the solar disc of conscious volition that lends its light to this Moon. The powers of healing and redemption are reflected back to us on Earth through the Sun’s light, carrying the inner vibration of Virgo, the image of the Maiden and Virgin, through the lunar disc. This is the Menarch moment, where the wound signifies the evolution of the feminine principle to the potent state of Life-bearer, Motherhood, and, in so doing embodies the lunar rhythm and the tidal forces of Time that work through Creation. The feminine measure of ‘time’. And, in many ways, it is the fierce instinct of protection that the mother shows around her off-spring that we are looking to embody. Our role as caretakers of this magical blue orb rests upon our realising it……

This Moon tells us it is time to acknowledge the wound, and, being in the midst of the last sign in the zodiac, emphasises the fact that we must also look around with clear and level gaze, that if this lifetime is our last opportunity to do so here on Earth, that we are in the transition zone already ~ in some sense this is a timeless moment, one we have visited before, that is burned deep into our core memories. If we are prepared to put our own lives on the line, draw on our deepest resources and go forward fearlessly, in protection of this, our home planet, we must also acknowledge that, after this moment, the greater forces at large in the cosmos take over, the forces of Life and Death. The shaman’s wisdom, which is our prerogative, knows that death furnishes all life with life.

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