A New Phase


Practicing astrology, like all matters concerning the soul, is an ongoing learning process and requires a willingness to enter new territory – it might be a truism to say that our personal and collective evolution depend upon that willingness and the degree to which we can embody it. This can sometimes mean stepping out of ‘circulation’ and giving adequate space and time for the depth and focus it requires for the new to become integrated and the old to evolve along with it.  Such has been the case this last nine months for this astrologer and, subsequently, it has been a while since any new posts have appeared at Living Astrology. So I am putting this message out to all subscribers here, firstly by way of apology for my absence and, with some relief on my part, to give a heads up as new articles will be coming out again here very soon.

The next article, perhaps fittingly, will take a good look at the upcoming Solar Eclipse in tropical Pisces on 8/9th March – the aim is to have this ready for publication by, if not before, the coming weekend, 6/7th March.

So, thank you for your patience….and, see you then!

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