The Antikythera Cosmos

This is a brilliant little film, for the light it casts on the extraordinary construction and complex mechanical thinking behind the Antikythera mechanism – its worth watching just for that. But there are astrological questions that arise with it too, as well as the question of what other uses the device might have been put to.

Where the film, or better said, the orthodoxy voiced within it fails is in accepting that the technology necessary to make this computational device was, in fact, extant in Greece over two thousand years ago – scientific rigor may be the reason for this error, but the people who built this mechanism already had a rudimenatry version of the steam engine, the metalergic knowledge which this device embodies was already thousands of years old, and the observations necessary for the calculations of the planetary movements, to the degree of accuracy built into the mechanism itself, would have, and could have only been made over centuries…

… fact, that knowledge was extant millenia before the time of the Antikythera mechanism itself, and was known to astronomers and astrologers alike; it was also integral to cyclical energetics of a much more cosmic and subtle nature, which ran through the Earth, the solar system and our local star, in which the calculation of planetary cycles would have been a great aid in harmonising with those energies; that is, after all, one of the primary functions of astrology……but is also a part of the tradition embodied in ancestral sites, temples and technologies of the ancient past.

This film helps in restoring a sense of sophistication and wonder to our connection with that past, so, please do give yourself a well spent half hour and watch the vid >>>

click on the image below to view The Antikythera Cosmos video

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