The core element of ‘living astrology’ is the understanding that we live within an animated environment which embodies living intelligence and extends to the stars and beyond. Through developing extra-human relationships within and throughout this network of living intelligence we can deepen the effectiveness of our lives, as well as of traditional astrological practice, but, more importantly in doing so we step into a much fuller manifestation of the spirit which we truly are.

Humans have held this capacity for many hundreds of millenia, have celebrated being incarnate spirits unseparate in any sense from the whole, from the ‘dreaming’ – only, separation or the appearance of separation, has occurred. It is our special calling that in this time we are here to heal the wounds of seperation and reclaim our full capacity as incarnate spirits.

The writing here reflects an alchemy of thought and observation to this end. It deals, through ‘living astrology’, with the real world issues which might be considered ‘mundane’ in a polarised world but which have the highest value in both our personal and collective development and maturation. There is no division between this mundane world and that of the animated cosmos in ‘living astrology’, and the practices suggested in articles here express the most pertinent and practical ways in which we can respond to the demands of the times. This is a highly pragmatic form of what might be called ‘worldly spirituality’. Essentially, it is an updated form of an ancient way of living, on its way to the ancient in our future bound journey.

The primary lens here is a combination of astrology and ancestral divination, healing and pragmatic life-ways. The aim is to create a commentary that supports a well rounded if holistic approach to living, one that does not rest on secular or spiritual foundations alone, or adhere to either a singular school, philosophical or otherwise, social platform or way of seeing the world.


If you would like more information, or to contact the author, please go to the Readings page.

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Living Astrology and Divination

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