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Healing and Medusa – Moon’s south node on Algol

With the Moon’s south node on the fixed star Algol in tropical Taurus the time comes to redress the Medusa myth and shed the Gorgon of her terrible stigma……

…..the shedding of skins is a power of the serpent, a renewal and symbolic rebirth in which all that is outlived that has clothed our being is jetisoned from the vital body that lives within. The south node carries this process forward as an in-forming essential function of soul growth. Only that which allows us full expression of our true nature, the natural expression of our vital incarnate life-force, can serve us on this path – ancestral roots can flourish through us when the detritus of the past is shed and we are free to follow the primal intelligence of our spiritual energy in its lightning path of realisation. The nodes show us where this force is directed, the south node where the old skin of previous existances prior to and within this lifetime can be ejected, and the north node where the soul will find its most powerful and empowering expression in this life that will take us beyond the limitations of incarnation and help us to grow into our journey – it is a revolutionary path that, regardless the amount of attention we give to it, will directly impact the very stuff of our lives and, in this, we are all equal.

If there is freedom in this it is of a kind that connects us with the un-formed, the unbounded potential that is available to us all – it is the gift of our direct connection with ‘great mystery’. Following the souls trajectory is both a reclamation and remembering process, and bring us back to the motherlode of all Life, fulfilled, renewed and poised to elect a return on the next stage of our journey, should we choose such a path. It is an ecology of the soul in which the sponsorship of the ancestors plays a vital grounding role, and the degree to which we are able and willing to work with the south nodal end of the process in no short measure affects the degree to which their sponsorship becomes truly effective in our life. The unshed burdens of the past we carry are no less a hindrence to their vitality than they are to ours…..

…..in our times we have come face to face with the consequences of carrying these burdens forward while both disregarding them and adding to them, very much two sides of the same coin. The effect, as well as the root cause of this accumulative process, can be symbolised in the stigmatisation of the primal feminine, the Great Mother. She, whose raw cthonic power has in many myths been portrayed as the threatening dragon or evil serpent, has suffered a collective dissociation that has arisen through a prolonged rejection of the solar hero’s own shadow. The dragon is slain rather than re-integrated, let alone understood, as a result. Not only has She become the object of this rejection, its own antithetical qualities having become projected onto her body, image and archetype, and in the process the solar hero himself has become cut off from Her. We find this reflected back to us in the Medusa myth and Algol is the star associated with her. In the ancient tale of Perseus and Medusa a much deeper root is submerged and hidden, its symbols and their meanings distorted and inverted to favour the Hero and, in the process, serve the partial truth behind his actions. In severing the Medusas head with its writhing hydra like hair of serpents He not only claims Her power for the solar born goddess Athena, thus symbolically shedding himself of the responsibility of facing his own denied relationship with the innate power of the Great Mother in favour of her solarised reflection, he consigns her power itself to the shadow role – Athena carries the Medusas head as a defence against infringement of the sacred laws she presides over. These are primarily the ‘civilised’ laws of a world in which the anthropomorphised divinity is seen as carrying the ethical and moral responsibility of ‘governence’, starkly opposing the ‘uncivilised’ primal, natural, and ultimately all encompassing laws of Nature, most deeply embodied in the Great Mother. She became the Gorgon whose powers were to be overcome and cut off at the root…..we live within the aftermath of this divine archetypal schism.

…..resisting the reality of our past, not being able to look it in the face, will turn our own lives to stone and bring everything to a grinding halt…..

…..but, the reality of the hero’s act is that it is paradoxically a crude attempt to reclaim and re-integrate Her power. It fails because it does not honour Her, the now darkened aspect of the Great Mother, but instead, by objectifying it, cutting it off from the vital body that feeds it, that gives it reality and life force, He makes it ‘other’, a blatant if unconscious act of dissociation rather than integration. Dismembering an archetype however does not kill it off; it remains active in fragmented and diverse forms and continues, alive within all that lives. The hero’s acts, his very quest and attempt at self-fulfilment is, by its own nature, framed with denial, but, this is not beyond the scope of healing, even so late in the day for us. If, as the underlying resonance of the myth suggests and the south node empowers us to do, we face up to the stigmatised wounds, shed our prejudices and the old conditioning around them, and can come to a place within ourselves where we can accept Her and once more allow Her to integrate within Life, then a miraculous thing occurs – we discover that She is the bringer of Life, alive within the vital body of Life, and She has ever been thus, ever present with us, infact, the hero is rebirthed out of Her very substance, transfigured and sponsored with a renewed and meaningful purpose, one that allows the soul to find its own truth, vigour and joy in life….both collectively, for each of us and our home planet this augurs a time of great redemptive value – this is Her time.

First, Chill – New Moon in Libra

The Libra New Moon on 15th October 2012 brings an opportunity to review significant relationships and connections in our lives. There are no planetary aspects to the solar + lunar conjunction so this is also an opportunity for working on any area of our lives that is calling for our attention and needs relating to in a new way – from here we can creatively rebuild these connections and relationships in ways that honour and bring out the finest qualities within them.

The Sun and Moon are aligned with the fixed star Spica.  This star emphasises ‘the creative’ with a more evolved and pragmatic energy that ensures that thoughts and actions set in motion now will ‘seed the future’ in resourceful and well grounded ways. When we pay attention to reviewing what feeds us, ‘what grows corn’ and what ‘sits well in our belly’ we will know what to discard and which relationships and connections to vitalise – the how of this will become clearer as the lunation progresses.

The Moon’s south node is on the fixed star Algol so look out for ‘ghosts from the past’ and personal ‘skeletons in the closet’ as you do so; they will be carrying the dead weight that has been holding us back, that we may have been unable to face before now – but, with an exact trine between Mars in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, the cosmos will support us, help us find the courage to bust those ghosts and to clear our minds and imagination.

Mars and Uranus create a ‘need fire’ that will burn off the illegitimate residues accumulated from having followed others, from false trails and agendas that were never ours in the first place – all part and parcel of the huge changes that are kicking in now. This will enable us all the better to prepare ‘the earth of our life’ to be sown with strengthened and renewed alliences that resonate with our personal truths and the visions that are released from beneath the detritus now, as Mars and Uranus work their magic.

A significant underlying part of that change is the ongoing Uranus Pluto square and, at this moon, this has developed another layer, of which the Mars Uranus trine is a part. Chiron has been in a slowly evolving sextile with Pluto for some time now and this is heightening the capacity we have to heal our most fundamental wounds, especially around issues of authority and personal power. Inevitably, a part of this process is also churning up some of the most fundamental and deeply embedded wounds we have all suffered; cultural, political, economic, religious, humanitarian – Pluto ensures that no stone is left unturn. Here, however, Chiron is also square Mars, so, Pluto, Uranus, Mars and Chiron are bound into creating a sparking cross-fire of regenerative and innovative insights into these wounds – we are likely to feel pretty angry at what is revealed, especially through the first half of this lunation – the Promethian ‘need fire’ will build to a blaze whenever one of these issues surface, so ‘anger managment’ will be an issue – collectively this could be a time of renewed public confrontations with authority. As painful as it may be, and although we do ‘need’ to go through this healing process to clear the way for a better future…..the time to realise the more creative manifestation of that pent up energy will come soon enough.

….on the positive side, in seeming contrast, there is actually a chilled out opportunity on the personal level to relax and get our feet on the ground in more enjoyable ways with this moon too, even if it is best done by special invitation and behind closed doors – Saturn’s trine with Neptune is select, clandestinely escapist and indulgently cinematic, but, with both these planets trining Ceres the way to get the most out of this Moon socially will be to chillax with a few carefully chosen friends, to share the fruits of the harvest, dream together and speculate on a future we could all resonate with.

Venus and Mercury in sextile energise the conversation making heart to hearts possible. Nevertheless, the underlying theme of the Moon is to treat all this time as preparation for better times. Now it were better to converse, observe and make private choices, but, not to make hard and fast commitments based on these, not yet anyway – all in good time. This is emphasised with Eris opposite the Sun and Moon at NM, which brings a cautionary reminder and emphasises the point of not buying into other people’s dramas, or taking hurtfull off-the-cuff remarks to heart – as said, if socialising, be selective and chillax.

With this in mind, in esoteric work undertaken now do make sure to pay attention to grounding and clear boundaries. The energies thrown up from the astral realms will be testing us to remain centered and balanced through the first half of the lunation in particular. Making our connections with the spirits and the otherworlds clearer and stronger is the ideal focus for our esoteric work and, this will not only help us through the coming year when we need it most, but, for the coming Samhain this work is absolutely essential…..this time of year is significant for clearing in preparation for the Samhain period, but, this lunation is especially primed for Ancestral work. It goes without saying that this work is of huge importance……

There are many undercurrents and pervasive elements influencing events from behind the facade of everyday life at the moment, so, trust in the guidance we recieve from the otherworlds depends upon the clarification, strength and truthfulness of our connections with them now. Don’t take my word for it, check it with your guides and inner knowing – our truth is our own, so, be especially vigilant for those who would seem to have an agenda to ‘peruade’ you, those who make offers that might seem to benefit you but which do not truly resonate within your innermost being, or those who would have you believe otherwise, that theirs is the right way – we’re leaving all that behind. As the lunation unfolds and approaches Samhain any turbulence this all throws up nearer that time can be safely fielded if we have payed special attention to this preparatory work, and the time and means for action and commitment will become all the clearer as a result. Its a tricky world we live in…….

We’ll look at the Full Moon in more detail before we arrive there; its chart is going to carry two yods and a potent opposition! The latter, involving Mars and Jupiter, will be priming the planet for the solstice in a very significant way, which we will explore in a special upcoming post on Saturn and Pluto. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the fire festivals over the next couple of years all carry hard aspects and ‘earth changes’ are being flagged up big-time. There are also some very powerful and positive aspects unfolding now as well though, and this Saturn sextile with Pluto aspect is one of them, one that will help us put all the dramatic qualities of our time into a real and inspiringly usable context. At this time Earth herself is gathering and building potential energy and, strange as this may sound, if divination and gut-feelings are to be trusted, we have not really seen this fully manifest at the surface yet. We Humans are showing the signs, however!

We tend to forget that we are animals, that we too can sense the subtle ripples of energy and time that precede events in the manifest world and, one day, we will look back upon this time as one in which we woke up to this rememberance within ourselves. When we come alive to this reality and discover its immensity and magic we also begin to understand and make sense of what has happened in the millenia since we began to forget. We all know, Earth’s children must grow up – the idea of the Mayan Calendar as a marker of finality has served a purpose, one that may not be everything its architects intended, but……if 2012-12-21 is the end of anything, it will be the end of forgetting….we are on the edge of discovery…..

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