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Failing Magnificently

nine samuri

“The creative adult is the child who has survived”
Ursula Le Guin

Growing Pains

The August lunation opens with the new Moon at 10°58′ of Leo in the tropical zodiac. The Sabians tell us that this degree augers “spontaneous activity of the innocent mind”, a creative energy that loves to explore the possibilities of life, is open to the future, but whose outlook is still ‘green around the ears’ and easily swung by emotional energy. This childlike energy belongs amongst the people as awareness of something of great significance emerging into our world; but we do not know at this point what it is, the shape it will take, more that it is immanent and happening, an upsurge of ‘spirit’. It is a playfull energy that can inspire, wants to run free and yet, at this stage, is also vulnerable, needs to be ‘protected’, and the aspects to this new Moon bring out the tension generated between these qualities.

In traditional ways the elders, in their wisdom, will let the children play freely, but, will always keep an eye out for them and be there when reassurance, compassion and the wisdom of experience is needed. Its a community approach that values uniqueness, young and old alike. The Sabians clarify this, telling us that the role of tradition and grounded knowledge which the elders signify offers valuable protective space for the as yet ‘young’ to flower in. But at new Moon the Sun and Moon are in aspect to Neptune and Saturn whose own antagonistic square is actively breaking down the old to make way for the new. ‘Tradition’ and ‘the orthodoxy’ too is being tested out in the world, the tried and tested is giving way to the ‘unknown third thing’.

We are looking at a handover of power, from the old to the new, from the established formalised ways of the older generations to the innovative ways of another, younger age group under the stars. Walt Whitman captured something of the underlying sentiment at work here when he said,

“When I heard the learn’d astronomer,
When the proofs, the figures, were ranged in
columns before me,
When I was shown the charts and diagrams,
to add, divide, and measure them,
When I sitting heard the astronomerwhere he lectured
with much applause in the lecture-room,
How soon unaccountable I became tired and sick,
Till rising and gliding out I wandered off by myself,
In the mystical moist night air,
and from time to time,
Looked up in perfect silence at the stars.”

The mutable square between retrograde Neptune and Saturn carries this flavour at its most philosophical level and this square has been at work since late 2015. It will continue through this year to revision our knowing and understanding, to challenge our beliefs as well as our capacity to mature, to step into the “mystical moist night air”. Neptune’s pervasive creative resource can be very otherworldly and Saturn’s knowing conservatism very down to earth ~ they are not in easy relationship. Goethe also captured something of the dynamic in their ambivalent relationship when he said “talent develops in tranquility, character in the full current of life”. For our dreams to grow beyond the known we must be prepared to take risks and accept the ‘breakdown’ as a part of the ‘breakthrough’, before we can build new edifices for our mores and ethics, our invention and learning. And, as Sarah Ban Breathnach tells us, “playing it safe is the riskiest choice we ever make”.

Walt’s tiredness with the old mechanical view of things was enough to inspire him to follow the call to a far less jaded and self-congratulatory place and commune in more innocent rapture with life. There is a deceptively naive beauty present at this Moon, both raw, knowing by instinct, and clarified in its knowing, the more clearly to see and experience Life. It is the soul nourishing innocence of one who has survived and taken their inner child with them for the journey. We too must trust that knowing and enjoy its mature transparency.

But, as Mark Twain said, “loyalty to a petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul”, and while the energy of the lunation may have a fresh and forward looking quality to it, the emergent awareness is also telling us that we are no longer able to rest in innocence and are waking up to those aspects of living in which we must find a new freedom, one that feeds rather than defines or delimits the creative expression of our souls.

In trining the new Moon retrograde Saturn also gives us the benefit of a more positive protective quality. There is a co-creative element at work here too, in that the creative energy is crucial and must be allowed to develop through its own experience and wisdom, given the space within which it can feel safe enough to take risks. Here Saturn’s more maternal archetypal qualities are revealed, those belonging to the all embracing mother goddess as Crone, ‘She who knows’ and within whose compass all arises and resides.

The Moon and Sun quincunx both retrograde Neptune and the Moon’s south node, and here culture and tradition is being pushed to re-envision itself from within. Antoinne de Saint-Exupéry captured the essense of this aspect well when he said, “if you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t asign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea”. If the ocean of imaginal creativity is to be explored we must have more than simply the means to do it; we need the passion, a sense of calling, and the willingness to set sail from the safe harbour of the known, the Moon’s south node. This node can provide us with vitals, essential supplies, talents for finding our way by skillful means and charting new territory, but, they do not represent the end in themselves – to some large extent that ‘end’ belongs in the ‘lap of the gods’ and the fair winds they may or not assist us with!

Pattern Recognition

In astrology this threefold aspect complex is called a ‘pythagorean triangle’, and this one (involving planets; the Moon has been triggering this aspect many times through this period) is the last of nine that have been peppering the planetary matrix over the last three months. The ‘uncertainty’ it embodies comes from the quincunx, an aspect in which an incongruity arises, a lack of relationship that calls for a new level or quality of consciousness to prevail; the ‘necessity’ is expressed in the square, where dynamic interaction between two different but clearly defined ways of approaching a problem is at its most difficult, in which the process itself needs to be raised to a higher level, regardless the outcome; the willingness to go forward together is expressed in the trine, where a continuous interchange of energy underpins the process and lends its qualities to the outcome.

Together this configuration of aspects brings a sense of uncertainty, necessity and willingness to ‘taking the leap’ together and the lunation will carry this forward in a positive way, if we give expression to its creative energy, allow its process to unfold while holding the tension embedded within its dynamic. In the words of Rabindranath Tagore, “when the string of the violin was being tuned it felt the pain of being stretched, but once it was tuned then it knew why it was being stretched”.

At a time when the entire gamut of worldly life is feeling the tension of this unavoidable process at work this lunation can be seen as a potential watershed, a place beyond which, if its positive side is nurtured, the emergent ‘new thing’ will begin to come more fully into view. To do so we will need to keep our eyes on the trends and currents that are emergent, to look for the patterns they are expressing, and build this ‘pattern recognition’ into our knowledge base, the better to navigate and work our passage. We will not see the pythagorian triangle again for a few months so the field is changing now and both ‘the inspired’ and ‘the experienced’ must work together, to keep an eye on the ‘weather’, and how it is changing. And that includes the emotional energies we are experiencing, together and in our own lives. We must not allow ourselves to fear, either failure or its consequences, but, the creative persistance that will prevail if we trust ourselves enough to make the leap, is the best quality we can bring to working through this time with the energies of this lunation.

Ice Cave Aurora

Falling Awake

As I write this the Moon is forming a pythagorean triangle with Neptune and Saturn from tropical Cancer, close to the degree of the last new Moon, and the sense of culmination is growing. It is a sense being enhanced through its quintile with Jupiter, 72° away in Virgo.

Jupiter is now opposing Chiron in Pisces and quincunxing Uranus in Aries. This is an aspect pattern that pulls us into a healing space that needs us to center ourselves in the unencumbered present, the kairotic moment represented by Uranus, for its fruits to be delivered. To do so these aspects too calls us to bring a new level of consciousness to bear, to pay attention to our wounded nature, to mature beyond the past and its grave errors and allow the moment to reveal the inner meaning of our history. Much of this revelation centers on invoking the creative energy of the lunation through practical means, and, Venus in late Leo at new Moon aids this release very creatively through trining Uranus and quincunxing Chiron.

This is about letting go of past hurts, while being able to accept our wounds, errors and limitations, so that we can not only mature as people but enjoy the collective freedom our hearts know we desire by embodying it creatively. It is a complex of aspects that supports the lunation’s matrix for growth, while bringing it into a more personal space. Go with your hearts desire but, as the Chinese proverb has it,  ‘be aware of your mistakes in the beginning!’

Buckminster Fuller once said, “Nature is trying hard to make us succeed, but, Nature does not depend on us. We are not the only experiment”, and with Pluto trining the Moon’s north node at new Moon the reality of Bucky’s statement is very much present with us as we navigate the transformational qualities of the times. Pluto is in a waxing quincunx with the new Moon and Sun but is otherwise unaspected as the lunation begins, and this pervasive sense of scale within the bigger picture, while it is a part of our growing process as a species, is not only hard to accept, but is humbling once it has been.

This lunation will close with a trine, from the north node, Sun and Moon to Pluto and pressure to take this perspective in will increase as we approach that time. In fact, the solar eclipse we will see as the September lunation opens will bring the sense of culmination to a head.

If we are to work with the larger perspective that the times require of us, and bring this lunation alive within our lives, allow its creative energy expression, the luminosity we each carry within will be our most valuable asset. As Elizabeth Kübler-Ross said, “People are like stained glass windows; They sparkle and shine when the Sun is out, but, when darkness sets in their beauty is revealed only if there is a light within”.

Failing Magnificently

The final piece of this puzzling time is provided by Mars who enters Sagittarius once more just as the Moon is renewing its cycle. Falling out of aspect with the other planets as the lunation opens, Mars is bringing a strong sense of purpose to the entire matrix, a sense that this is the time and the time is now! His journey through Sagittarius will see him meet with Saturn and re-ignite the burning issue of how we use our power to create the reality we are now experiencing in the world. War will be top of the agenda for scrutiny, not least of all as they re-unite on the fixed star Antares. As Thomas Jefferson observed, “War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrongs; and multiplies instead of indemnifying losses”. As the pressure for confrontation is tangibly increasing so is the anti-war voice at large in the world.

We can transform the world, we know, simply by choosing more peaceful means for expressing this energy, but our journey will be all the more magnificent if we can do so by transforming our wounds, and the understanding we have of ourselves and the world in the process. In fact, the one rests upon the other. Mars will accelerate through Sagittarius and spend a mere six weeks in Capricorn, where a conjunction with Pluto looks like a catalyst for significant upheaval. This might give us cause for real concern, but, as Hellen Keller advised, “we could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.” 

It is hard for us to continue to witness the pain and suffering being brought upon us by so much blatant misuse of power, and this is a time for mobilising the creative energy in the face of the destructive. It is a time when we might feel anxious, wrought by fears and doubts as much as by horror and a feeling of deep uncertainty about our future, but, there is some wisdom to be had even as we do so; as the Chinese alchemist Wei Boyang said two thousand years ago, “worrying is preposterous; we don’t know enough to worry”.

As the August lunation opens Venus is pulling out of a square with Mars and will be working her way through the Virgoan fields of healing and nurturing as the lunation progresses – she brings the dedication necessary for our time and our acts within it to really count. It is a concept that is at the heart of the most traditional of healing ways, that the world is in constant need of repair and maintenance; this is the basis upon which our healing must take place. When we understand that our true power lies in being magnificent in the face of this unremitting demand for care and creative giving, the world becomes transformed, a constant source of inventiveness and response-ability, a place in which love is the means and the end in itself. In that place we have the power to fail, regardless, and to do so magnificently.

As Venus approaches Virgo and activates the feminine wisdom of healing and nurturing through this lunation, and as Mercury very much at home in Virgo crosses the Moon’s north node and comes to meet with Jupiter opposing Chiron at full Moon, it seems fitting to close as we opened with the strong and down to earth voice of feminine wisdom that can help us traverse these difficult times while capturing something of the essense of the moment :

“Life is glorious, but life is also wretched. It is both. Appreciating the gloriousness inspires us, encourages us, cheers us up, gives us a bigger perspective, energizes us. We feel connected. But if that’s all that’s happening, we get arrogant and start to look down on others, and there is a sense of making ourselves a big deal and being really serious about it, wanting it to be like that forever. The gloriousness becomes tinged by craving and addiction. On the other hand, wretchedness–life’s painful aspect–softens us up considerably. Knowing pain is a very important ingredient of being there for another person. When you are feeling a lot of grief, you can look right into somebody’s eyes because you feel you haven’t got anything to lose–you’re just there. The wretchedness humbles us and softens us, but if we were only wretched, we would all just go down the tubes. We’d be so depressed, discouraged, and hopeless that we wouldn’t have enough energy to eat an apple. Gloriousness and wretchedness need each other. One inspires us, the other softens us. They go together.”
Pema Chödrön

Images :

Still from the film ‘The Nine Samurai’

Nest sculpture ~ Nils Udo

Cave Aurora ~ Sebastian Saarloos

Gobekli Tepe, Turkey

The Shaman and the Moon

Hunter and the Skeleton Woman

The Moon reaches fullness at 16°19′ tropical Pisces, 2:40am UTC on September 9th, and brings the key wound of this Age, the subjugation of the Feminine, into full view. The planetary matrix is showing us the need to embody the role of healer and redeemer towards that wound.

Chiron is within one degree of this full Moon and emphasises the significance and nature of the wound itself. In accordance with the myth, which speaks of the need to accept that only by entering fully into life can we redeem our own suffering, we have entered the realm of the wounded healer. The wise centaur points directly towards our global wounds, the gashes in the fabric of Life that need us to bring this awareness to bear. The onus is on us all to own the wound, to see it in our selves, and to let its wisdom speak through us, transform us. To do so is to engender the energy necessary to achieve Critical Mass. Only then can we transfigure our species and heal the wound.

Chiron’s animal nature is key. The energy of this full Moon must be a gateway for our instinctive drive-to-survive. If this lunation be about bringing passion to our allegiances then this full Moon shows us what happens when we do. It is time for the strongest forces within us to have their say, the will to protect Life and to be willing to put everything we have into the fight.

Venus opposes Neptune from Virgo at this full Moon. So far, the critical mass has only been demonstrably seen in disconnected outbreaks, achieved in global pockets and lacks the vital impetus that embodies that drive collectively. This disconnection is something of a mirage and is largely down to the fact that the media’s mainstream coverage of these demonstrations of ‘solidarity’ is deeply biased in favour of the ‘status quo’. Neptunian deception is all pervasive, the orthodoxy mispresents facts, its representations designed to engineer a prescribed response in the populace and, by and large, the truth is completely clouded out of the picture. But, if you follow alternative media sources and, as Venus now indicates, you keep an ear to the ground, you will know that there is a critical mass emerging, that there is much underway in the world that is in fact ‘healing’, and that this is rising and expanding. Realism and feet on the ground discernment, this opposition tells us is, however, essential.

In traditional Chaldean rulerships the second decan of Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansive energy and philosophical largess. The traditions surrounding the middle degrees of Pisces speak of great matters involved in making choices, the kind that really matter. Are we to remain victims or can we champion the greater cause. Mars, preparing to fly through Jupiter’s sign over the coming weeks, is in late Scorpio, out of aspect, and stands to infuse any action undertaken over the coming days with additional depth, passion and meaning. It is also likely that the whole idea of war-making will be questioned with increasing effect through the coming weeks. However you view it, this is not a time to stand on the sidelines.

As if to hammer the point home Saturn at 18° Scorpio, trines the Moon and sextiles the Sun. Saturn also reminds us of the rigidity that can kill off the life-force, the unbending adherence to structural regimens that ultimately evolves stasis. Scorpionic incalcitrance at the lowest vibration teaches us the harsh truth ~ Stasis = Death. It is the ‘status quo’ that must be sacrificed. However, as temporal gatekeeper Saturn does not necessarily want us to remain locked within stasis, but, rather learn the lesson of the moment ~ ‘how to go forward’. We stand on that threshold. The ancient symbol of transfiguration associated with Scorpio is the Phoenix.

The lunar disc finds the fixed star Homam marking the azimuth of its maximum luminosity in the 17th degree of Pisces. In the neck of Pegasus, a constellation itself associated with rising above difficulties, Homam lends the full Moon the need to strive upwards, to pull oneself out of victim states and to claim the power of redemption. This is not all it seems ~ luck may have its role to play. As if fate were lending her ear to the moment, Homam, ‘the whisperer’, is also the bearer of the gift of ‘chance’…..

But, let us not forget, it is the solar disc of conscious volition that lends its light to this Moon. The powers of healing and redemption are reflected back to us on Earth through the Sun’s light, carrying the inner vibration of Virgo, the image of the Maiden and Virgin, through the lunar disc. This is the Menarch moment, where the wound signifies the evolution of the feminine principle to the potent state of Life-bearer, Motherhood, and, in so doing embodies the lunar rhythm and the tidal forces of Time that work through Creation. The feminine measure of ‘time’. And, in many ways, it is the fierce instinct of protection that the mother shows around her off-spring that we are looking to embody. Our role as caretakers of this magical blue orb rests upon our realising it……

This Moon tells us it is time to acknowledge the wound, and, being in the midst of the last sign in the zodiac, emphasises the fact that we must also look around with clear and level gaze, that if this lifetime is our last opportunity to do so here on Earth, that we are in the transition zone already ~ in some sense this is a timeless moment, one we have visited before, that is burned deep into our core memories. If we are prepared to put our own lives on the line, draw on our deepest resources and go forward fearlessly, in protection of this, our home planet, we must also acknowledge that, after this moment, the greater forces at large in the cosmos take over, the forces of Life and Death. The shaman’s wisdom, which is our prerogative, knows that death furnishes all life with life.

Passion and Allegiance


The ninth lunation of 2014 opens on August 25th with a multiplicity of aspects patterning the matrix. The moment, marked by the Sun and Moon conjunct in the third degree of tropical Virgo, is as ripe as the proverbial swollen fruit. It is ripe with ‘juice’, both the kind that you will find at the heart of tragedy, and the juice that is also the source of healing, which grief expresses and which delivers reparation as an inherent potential of truth. In fact, they are one and the same, and who can deny ‘we’ are in the midst of tragedy and the need for healing, globally. Yet, the moment is also ripe with potential energy and the power for seeding life with, if not the major change of context, then with a completely revolutionary wave of insight and revelation that will increase the inevitability of such Change.

And, as is the way with Nature, since there must be balance in all things, for the potential to be released, the fruit must also fall and undergo consumation.

If the intonation of the moment is writ large  and italicised it is because its theme is similarly engraved upon our times….while the dominant aspect at the opening of this Moon cycle is Mars conjunct Saturn, it is the ongoing series of seven squares between Pluto and Uranus that define the bigger picture. The tension created within that greater aspect will find two more release points before their cycle closes, but, the moot point is ‘how engaged are we with that release of potential energy?’ What are you doing in the world right now…….

In the mundane sphere, much of that collective tension has been visibly expressed through public protests, the predominant focus being exposure of violence, where ‘political lies favour political agendas’, and the allegiences that seek to sustain those lies clearly do not have the will of the people as their prerogative and prima causa…..and so, we come to Mars conjunct Saturn.

This is the defining aspect of the current lunation as it opens, the crucible out of which the events of the last four weeks have found their form and out of which the coming five months will manifest their purpose. The trick, for us now, is to participate, ‘to do’ rather than ‘be done unto’…..sound familiar?

Mars and Saturn conjunct in tropical Scorpio ask us to examine very deeply what this means to us personally, where our most meaningful motivations are rooted. ‘Be seriously pro-active with shaping the impetus of your life’, they say, but, their message is equally ‘there is, in reality, no time like the present’…..and, with more finality, forget notions of transcendance, of ascendance and the courting of immortality, and wake up to the fact that ‘you almost certainly have less time than you think, much less’! Following through on the trajectory of the previous lunation, this is where the energy we have built up over the last month can now be used to that very purpose. Pull focus, hard, and hit the ground running!

The Sun and Moon’s conjunction at the beginning of Virgo is very close to the fixed star Regulus as the lunation opens, emphasising the role of leader, and healer. Regulus is one of the four stellar guardians of the cardinal directions in the heavens. Resonating with this Mars says be prepared to ‘fight your quarter for what is right’, but, the martial code is called to ground, its competitive edge also tempered into service to the greater, more noble cause in conjunction with Saturn. It says ‘find the discipline required to lead yourself, but, not for self gain alone, only, out of devotion’. Its proviso is ‘take full responsibility, as of one committed’. Coming even more down to earth, as they say in the fracking frontlines ‘if you see a job, its yours’. And, if you cannot find the leader within, the worthy cause or personal focus, look out for one who/that rings true……wait until you hear their calling. This is not about being a soldier…..its about being a protector.

That calling might well come most strongly from the otherworlds, in unusual ways. Mercury in Virgo sextile Saturn+Mars, tantilising the current of divine inspiration to reveal itself through Uranus and seed the moment with its undeniable spark, says ‘petition the gods, the spirits, the higher self, that which commands your respect’…….and Mercury too reminds us that, in alignment with its original meaning, to be ‘in competition’ actually means to ‘co-petition the deities’. This the true nature of our endeavour.

In partnership with Mercury in Virgo, Mars and Saturn quincunx Uranus from tropical Scorpio make of Uranus a release point within the chart. Together they form a yod, the combined energies of Saturn, Mars and Mercury looking for expression through the Uranian field around 14-17 degrees of tropical Aries. Look to your own charts to see how this sensitive point and what is feeding it sits. The Sabian symbols for the degrees involved at the blunt end of the yod also point towards petitioning the otherworlds for guidance in resolving and healing the most deeply seated wounds, habits and shadows of our past…..Nature, the Uranian degree tells us, will show us her signs in response, and on this point alone we need to consider the state of Nature herself. Those signs too may be most unusual, out of kilter….think Fukushima for a start. How many die offs and mutations must we see and suffer before we manage to tip the scales of human intervention in Nature’s favour? That question is the most pertinent of fulcrums taking the weight of the human question right now. Within a Virgoan context this Moon may need to examine the causes behind that question much more closely, but, with deeper realism and commitment to healing, rather than unfeeling analysis and subversion.

There are more subtle yods seeding the field with sensitive points at the opening of this lunation, Jupiter being at the head of one that will become stronger throughout this lunation, receiving the wide sextile of Pluto and Chiron. They too bring a ‘down to the bone’ revisioning of what our purpose is and what the role of our spirit is in achieving it. Jupiter has the creative juice needed to manifest the answer. This is highlighted at the end of this lunation when Mars squares Neptune from Jupiters home sign, Sagittarius, and forces an answer. However, at the beginning of this Moon cycle Mercury opposes Chiron, so, Now is the time to get creative with the ‘Big Crayons’ ~ the fact is, it is no longer possible to simply follow one’s own calling and act solely upon that without taking in the bigger picture and recognising our own individual place within it. The kick-back is increasing and, anyway, to do so is to miss the boat……and, if you have not yet surmised from the above, the Boat is about to leave harbour!

Collectively, we are entering the final stages of the current five year wave of Change that has been so strongly figured through the series of squares between Pluto and Uranus. What we undertake over the coming lunar month, as future seeds cast in the rich earth of ‘the present’, will itself reach its own critical moment of purpose and meaning five months from now, when Uranus conjuncts the Moon’s south Node in the midst of the sixth square between Uranus and Pluto. This will coincide with the First new Moon of 2015 at 0° Aquarius. The Great Mother is awakening our awareness strongly now through the rhythm of Her lunar drum……

……and then there is Venus. She is square Saturn+Mars as this lunation opens, equally balanced either side of the equinox point of 0° Libra. That square may be shortlived but, as a part of this lunation’s template, it is absolutely key. Through it She exposes the vilification of the Feminine, the rape of Her daughters and lands by men and the masculine principle, the suppression of her/Her creative energies and the aggressive patriarchal oppression of Her-story ~ ignore her message at your peril as the fiery haired one quincunxes Chiron and firmly presses her cause into Mercury’s bargain. As the lunation opens Venus also completes a yod with the Pluto Chiron sextile ~ is that the sound of distant thunder, or did the Earth just move under our feet……..

All these factors infuse this lunation with a sense that this is our time. An even deeper sense that this is Our time presses urgently from within it. While the outer planets are out of phase with the inner, and the inner encourage us to stake our passions behind our allegiances……by the time Uranus and the Moons nodes square off with Pluto in January 2015, the moment of truth will be upon us. Will we be ready…….will you have made the difference……!?

Stargate to a Revolution

deep motherDecember 17th sees the Sun conjunct with the Galactic Centre in Sagittarius with the full Moon opposite in Gemini. This signals the start of a potential time of quite profound inner enrichment and reconstitution. The impulse that fuels this is coming from the very heart of our galaxy, but, the planetary network is perfectly aligning to allow the highly refined creative wisdom of the source to scale down in the process and fully integrate into earth-life, should we choose to engage and consciously work with these astral influences.

For people working with stellar energies this is a golden opportunity. The doors will open for an influx of interstellar influences through this full Moon and, given what follows, this has implications for well beyond this lunation. Over the full Moon period of three days those influences find affect through our personal awareness and innate human capacity to visualise and make mental connections. As Uranus is stationed at the exact time of the full Moon and goes direct on the 18th December the same influences can be put to evolutionary and inventive use on the earth plane. This is like the planetary tumblers in a solar system sized lock falling into place so that something much bigger can come in and work through us, and, this is how we should best view this Moon-time if we are going to work with its inherent energies. If the star-gates are anywhere through this time they are within.

Coming just before the solstice this augers well. If we use the coming days constructively, what we set in motion with the solstice turnaround of the Sun will be carried through until the beginning of February by a very special agency…..the planet Venus.

I will be taking a more in-depth look at the significance of Venus through this six week period over at Owlmirror, but, for now this is by way of a heads-up for what’s happening immediately around the full Moon and solstice itself.

Venus stations and goes retrograde on the solstice and will spend some 40 days travelling back through Capricorn to within a couple of degrees of Pluto. And, as if in perfect synch with the fire festivals, Venus will station and turn direct again in near confluence with Pluto’s deep searching energies on February 1st, Imbolc.

The whole period is shot through with an emphasis on the relevance of feminine power in the context of worldly issues, and that includes our inner relationship to the divine, that is to say, archetypal Feminine. Being in Capricorn, Venus also emphasises our natural earthly powers and natural rights, what they afford us and where they are under threat. This will be a time to re-evaluate the balance between human power and natural power. Some astrology commentators have suggested we will see greater focus on diplomacy in political arenas, but, I am seeing a fierce element of protective behaviour being felt and, later, openly expressed here, as befits a mother protecting her young. Environmentally, we may need to experience quite primal levels of sheer feminine force in the process, if only to bring a perspective into focus that redresses the balance of power. The energy of this time will awaken memories of who we are and why we are here…..

If you are working in and with Nature the deeper layers of consciousness at work, both in the literal subterranean world and the spiritual lower worlds, will be very much on call and asking to be recognised and honoured. The gateways of power found in these areas of perception, awareness and experience can become the perfect grounding space to interact with the incoming galactic influence. Telluric energy was ever the dragon power, but, we have seen the relationship between the maiden and the dragon subverted – she was there to protect the fiery one, but, has only recently been deemed the maiden needing protection, where formerly, as the Great Mother it was always her role to hold the serpent in both hands and let the power flow through Her! That serpent power is electric, is immensely healing and is sourced in the stars…….

Nature holds the star codes – anyone familiar with the animal, bird and plant tribes will know the truth of this, but, it is equally true of the ancient sites that have held the ancestral memories of our connections with the stars intact ‘in’ the land.  These will be very much in focus, specifically accessed through inward experiences and on the inner planes, but, this is precisely where those stellar influences will find their most harmonious and effective grounding, especially over the 16th, 17th and 18th of December. This is a window, for those in the ‘know’, of subtle yet powerful opportunity.

We are talking about star power here in harmonious symbiotic relationship with the living Earth through our seasonal dance within the cosmos. Symbolically, just as the fruit ripens around the seed, the inner fire, the spark of life within the seed, ripens and becomes an enriched life-force in this process. What makes this possible in unique and transcendentally symbiotic, that is to say ‘evolutionary’ ways, is the galactic connection, augmented with Uranian timing and direct energy, and that is where our inner nature, our innate powers for connection with the subtle and non-physical realms comes in. It is an invitation to open an inner star-gate through those innate powers.  What comes through and transpires will serve us well further down the road….

By the time Venus goes direct, provided we have been working with them, the enriched and star-blessed energies coming into and through our personal worlds will be ready for us to test out in the wider world, on the ground. Here is where the galactic and off-planet becomes truly grounded – this is in effect to describe a potential realignment with the ultra creative Sophianic wisdom at the heart of the Mother of all Life, and it primes us for the initiation of a revolution, one could say, The Revolution….the one we have all been dreaming of and waiting for.

That will be the theme that is dominant on the earth-plane building through and after March Equinox 2014 when we will see a mighty cardinal grand cross come into the planetary matrix, as Mars, Pluto, Uranus and  Jupiter stand at 13 degrees of each of the cardinal signs. And 13 degrees Capricorn is where Venus will station at Imbolc……

13 was ever a magic number sacred to the divine Feminine…..blessed be!