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Mars enters Cancer


Mars enters the tropical sign of Cancer on the 13th of July beginning a period of increased energy affecting issues surrounding ‘home’, security, significant relationships and emotional well-being, amongst others. Expect a radicalisation of these issues on the global scale, a sharpening of the boundaries between the masses and the personal interests of those who hold and seek to maintain power. This transit is indicative of an increase in the emotional charge with which these are met, and, it lasts through until the end of August. So this could well be the ‘season of our discontent’, but, it can also be a time of valuable creativity – and, there are many other planetary factors that are feeding the fire through this time.

Its going to get hot, don’t doubt it, and, if you have a radical streak and seek to take an active role in the ongoing rise of political, social, economic, environmental and locally focused activism this will be the prime time to step up the gears some in that role and bring a home-grown creative edge to your activities…..not that the ‘campaigns’ will need more clearly defining; as many are now finding both within the USA and where US presences are impinging most actively and heavily on home ground, for example, the ‘campaign’ is on your doorstep…….but, here-in lies the example to us all.

This is a time for high output grass-roots networking, for ‘counter intelligence’ releases, for raising support and awareness for the most keenly felt issues that are affecting your homeland as well as your neighbourhood. On the ground the field is rife with such issues so it will be unavoidable, unless you are completely isolated from the growing influence of global unrest….and, in reality, none of us are. If we don’t see it, chances are we’ll feel it.

The key to working with this energy is in tempering your edge, focusing your energy and mustering your courage, the more concisely to wield your personal power as an instrument of personal sovereignty. The ‘school of hard knocks’ is where that edge becomes most valuable, in the face of diverse challenges that collectively manifest the monopoly of power – here too is where courage rather than security defines your effectiveness. But, security too comes from knowing you are up to the challenge and ready to step up to the plate.

The emotional edge you have is going to be crucial here too – it will be the coolest most discerning ‘observers’ who have that edge. Take time out when you need it and let others take up the call, until you feel rejuvinated enough to re-enter the frey. But, also use this time well to keep hold of your own temper and instead keep a fierce eye on protecting all that is dear to you. While this may seem like a pre-emptive it is more of a heads up and call to pay significant attention to what is immediately happening around you. Surveillance requires intelligent vigilance and that too is the prerogative now.

For many still slumbering this will be the wake-up call, both shocking and emotionally challenging, if the alarm bells start to go off big-time at home. It is tempting to say ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ as the planetary energy has upped significantly over the last few months and it is hard to ignore the underlying feeling that something significant is about to happen. In fact it is happening already, the alarm bells have been ringing for some time, and now is the time to engage with that realisation. Take note…..military rulers and leaders would traditionally have utilised this moment to muster an army from the populace, through energising the people within and behind a common cause, one that unites on home ground, through inculcating a willingness to defend the nations boundaries, both at home and beyond the borders.

An integral part of that feeling is one of threat. The threat that is demonstrated to impinge upon the security of individuals and homeland alike would be its justification. But, with increasing militarisation of policing and tightening of control on personal freedoms, with increasingly obvious violation of natural resources through corporate psychopathy, this is now veering ever more rapidly towards confrontation with the reality of those forces themselves. We are living through a time in which personal freedom supercedes the divide between ‘them and us’ as an incentive. Infact, protecting those freedoms that are personal and the inalienable right of every individual is the primary issue now.

It is also the founding bedrock here of a collective as well as individual movement towards creating healthy conditions in which to live. With the accompanying planetary influences at large we can use the element of surprise, be absurdly and unexpectedly creative within these energies now, and radical beauty changes lives, especially when it is felt personally and applied as a healing salve. Art equals freedom now in equally radical ways…..and, as Lauryn Hill knows all too well, that too is the issue. Such both inspires courage and appreciation and keeps us awake to the world. And, if any confusion over where the threat to these freedoms still exists, this too will become radicalised to the point of being obvious in this time.

The obvious corrollary with Mars in Cancer here is in strengthening the roots that feed us, tapping deep into the ground-water of our lives and drawing courage and ‘the power to live’ up through those roots, and this can be interpreted both literally and symbolically…..becoming self sufficient in pragmatic and meaningful ways carries the radical edge too. The home environment is sacred in such times…..it is where we draw our boundaries, but, how we do this will depend upon what means we have at our disposal, what is close at hand that carries energy. Self-sufficiency need not be an isolating experience – if you have the means, share them. Calling in your kith and kin, gathering the tribe around the central fire, this can be an amazing season for engendering a well-spring of diverse and vibrant unity. And petition your ancestors to assist you in this – as a brave soul, on the cusp of freedom from slavery, once implied, ‘we stand before our ancestors in this moment, the sole meaning of their existance’. Look down the road……

Mars runs through Cancer over the next 6 weeks through to end August. In the initial phase, we will see Jupiter trine Neptune and Saturn, and Mars conjuncts Jupiter as this manifests the grand water trine these planets are forming. Neptune retrograde creates an inner mood collectively that Saturn direct manifests personally – emotional energy reaches a passionate pitch shot through with meaning with the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter. Turn around feelings of restriction by utilising them as a powerful focus for action. Keep your antennae up. By itself this could be a time of immensely powerful global entrainment, a collective realisation of home truths that unite us within the zeitgeist. But, with Mercury going direct in this initial period, exactly trining both Chiron and the north node of the Moon as it does so, we are hardly likely to experience this only as an inner process or condition. It will challenge us with new experiences. Mercury will closely square Uranus and loosely square Pluto as this unfolds – collective revelation of home truths and the reality of how deeply wounded ‘we’ have allowed ourselves to become will fuel the turn around. It is a moment of reversal of the flow of change and oppression, and one that arises through increasing awareness of the challenges facing our collective movement into unknown territory. With Uranus going retrograde on July 18th the emphasis turns on how ‘we’ feel and percieve ourselves to be uniquely called to these times. Be who you are here to be.

The full Moon in first degree of Aquarius on July 22nd will further initiate this turning point with the Sun entering Leo and Venus entering Virgo simultaneously. We will be pushing issues into the open and taking good care to make sure that none of the details pertaining to those issues are shoved under the carpet. As Mars opposes Pluto and Venus opposes Neptune towards the end of July, Venus will also arrive at the mid-point between Jupiter and Saturn. Expect economic and environmental revelations to fuel the fire further and be ready to see ‘the devil’ called out in that detail. Look after your health and be there for those who are suffering. This is likely to affect all who have planets in the first decan of any sign, around the 5-9 degree point, but, it will be a reflection of how ‘we’ are living too. Knowing and truth are the watch-words, but, be sure to apply them with love and care, being accountable. As obvious as it may already be, individual freedoms are intimately tied up with the reality of global and national issues now, but, it is precisely where knowing, truth, love and care have and are being superceded, controlled and eroded that is the point.

For now this suffices to highlight the general outlook up to August 1st and Lughnasadh. I will be posting an update and special Lughnasadh report nearer that time, looking further down the road that Mars is pioneering in Cancer. Eyes open, no fear and courage in heart, hearth and home……

Third Quarter 2013 – the Roots of Global Healing


The third quarter of 2013 from the mid-year Solstice through to September Equinox is underpinned with the ongoing pressure cooker square between Pluto in earthy power-based Capricorn and Uranus in fiery initiatic Aries. The square brings out the elements of each planet in a binding relationship that forces the dynamic of change. Imagine two rivers flowing towards each other at right angles – under this influence we are now in the midst of their confluence.

A place and time of underlying turbulence, this period also sees the manifestation of a major aspect between the Water signs – a grand trine is triggered over the first two months of this quarter, and, here we find an energy matrix that offers us supportive, deep and meaningful healing to balance the turbulent undercurrents. In this extended post we’ll touch upon the main strategies we can use in bringing ourselves and our work into alignment with these cosmological influences, and for working within the world with a balanced and healing effect of our own.

Lets get a little perspective on that square first. This being the third of seven squares between Pluto and Uranus, applying into 2015, this present time brings us into the heart of these outer planets interaction through this challenging aspect. Within the cycle of seven, the third, like the preceding two, was exact (2013-05-20) on a waxing Moon phase, this time when the Moon was approaching fullness in the second quarter. The following four squares over the next two years or so take place on waning Moon phases. We are still in the formative phase – synthesis is not yet available to us, we are still being heavily pulled by the tidal flow. But, this is also important as the lunations through this time hold much potential for radical shifts, and the Moon, symbolising the People, also rules Cancer…..

The influence of Pluto and Uranus as outer planets is global and impersonal, and, even though we are all feeling the impacts of their effects, the enormity of it all can be overwhelming. With species decline, weather manipulation and the GMO debacle out in the open and being hotly discussed, for example, these influences are also bringing increasingly unified collective energy and awareness into manifestation, so, while the field supports this awareness, it also challenges us to respond with awareness.

Transformation, Pluto also reminds us, begins at root, and, given Pluto’s connection with the unconscious, it would be dangerously naive to think that this will all resolve itself in time without conscious involvement…….mounting evidence of top-down corruption, politically and technologically driven social engineering and the revelation of manipulative ‘false flag’ interventions expose the extent and truth of this. Alongside with this we see that, where state endorsed mass media relentlessly hides or cosmeticises the truth, instantaneous exposure via the internet is growing as a fuel to intervention, which is also very much a Uranian trademark.

Almost anywhere we look in the world now this dynamic is playing out, but, it does so with apparent impunity. The entropic and negentropic, both collapse and growth, destruction and creation, appear to be, if not intimately bound together, blatantly concurrent. Their joint volatility under this influence is enlarging and feeding a vortex of manifestation with an increasingly dynamic polarity of interaction. Where Pluto is essentially process oriented Uranus is interventional. Where the illuminating side of the one has precedent, the shadow side of the other is invoked – and the only realistic way is ‘through’, such is the quality of the square now.

The key is in centering ourselves within the heart of the vortex, its still center. That center is available to and can be found within us all, if we take time to access it, and here is where our personal interventions become immensely valuable to affecting change through working with the positive side of the underlying dynamic. Consequently, through this time in particular, awareness and emotional stability and intelligence are of the greatest importance to us all. Paying attention to these matter, enabling a unification of action and purpose to arise from within our own circle, on a personal level, that will have a beneficial effect on the bigger picture.

While a rising unity is already present here, that which opposes it is also exposed, and this raises tensions, especially where there are already imbalances of power. In the long run we will see outcry and protest increasingly become the individually fueled mass response where these polarities emerge. Turkey’s is the latest example, a perfect illustration – what began through a small number of people seeking to protect a park, a meeting place of human and natural beauty, from impending destruction to make way for a shopping mall, quickly escalated into a national uprising in the face of oppressive political agendas and the unwanted imposition of the vested interests of the few. There is a stunning encapsulation of the current debacle clearly present here – but, being ‘in the midst’, so to speak, it will not end here……

….it may be a truism to say that, until political will reflects the will of the masses, mass unrest is inevitable and protest is necessary. There are many grievances being expressed here, harboured at what are also deep underlying levels. Where these have been unconsciously held, in Pluto’s realms, Uranus influence casts sudden and piercing light upon them and ignites their emotional potential, bringing them into a charged state within collective awareness. There is also an incredible outpouring of creative energy present here, as anyone plugged into social networking will witness. But, if the Uranus/Pluto square is currently pushing the issue without expectation of immediate resolution, the emotional charge that grief and collective protest will invoke may also remain unresolved. This augers a hot and chaotic build up of tension at large, so, Uranus flashpoints will almost certainly invoke Plutonic controlling and clamp-downs, and, increasing political and economic breakdowns and exposure invoke fierce activism, as well as creative innovation, as a counter. True to the dynamic of the square, while there is a feeling of ‘inevitablility’ invoked here, there is in fact no given predictability; the entire field is primed, sensitised and capable of manifesting this dynamic, so, neither is there room for avoidance or denial. This too is reflected in the world at large. But, watch carefully for how this plays out through internet accessability and a growing ‘truth’ game – the divide becoming increasingly apparent between those who ‘hold’ power and those who are ‘reclaiming’ it, in the name of truth.

We can expect a strong flow of feelings and focus on protective energy to dominate the collective mood, especially through the first half of this quarter……emotions and feelings being so central to the water signs, the influence of the grand trine becomes especially important now. As if it isn’t already, Water is going to become a big issue. The fundamental necessity of water to life, its centrality within ecosystems, as well as healing through the blessings of the release it can bring, can be successfully combined here if we focus on emotional and spiritual ecology – we are called to protect our heritage and correct our legacy, certainly themes befitting of the sign of Cancer. The image of the spiritual activist as ‘eco-warrior’, within both external and internal eco-systems, the protective and spiritualised actions of care that we bring to bear, can have profound meaning for us all now and for our children. This is essentially to engage with an ecology of soul and the planetary matrix is conspiring to open a fluid channel for these present energies to flow through at a soul level.

To utilise this dynamic and put it to good use in the world we must first accept that ‘this is how it is’ with us, now. Saturnian realism. There is a turbulent groundswell that affects us all at work in the world, pushing the curve of change, but, essentially so. For both the warrior and the healer alike being well centered is crucial. In centering we find the source point, and access to the field. And ‘the field’ is Neptune’s operative medium. If you are so inclined you can read this as a commitment to work in complete alignment with the spirit worlds, to let this commitment infuse and inform our lives. As energy workers balanced connection with the source field is also the fundamental basis of true healing. In both cases we become the conduit. We need to cleanse and strengthen this connection, and then, ‘let the power flow through us’. The grand trine represents an ongoing influence sourced in the field, occupying the middle ground or interface between the seen and unseen realms, so, this is something we can rely on here and now – the importance of this cannot be emphasised enough. Where we lack the power of personal vision we can benefit the greater scope and guidance of spirit and the source field.

The enormity of the problems our ecological approach encompasses may seem overwhelming and intensifying, but, that is precisely why the symbol of the eco-warrior spirit is being invoked – courage and commitment, as well as emotional intelligence and awareness, are amongst its halmarks. The universality of compassion and the inspiration of spirit make these qualities effective as a collective ecology, pragmatic realism towards deeply grounded truths make it powerfully effective, and these are highlighted through Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio respectively – the inner ‘planets’ (the Sun and Moon being included) transiting Cancer bring it all home and within our personal reach.

In the run up to the cross-quarter point of Lughnasadh, and beyond, the grand Water trine will be triggered repeatedly through the personal influences of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in transit through the sign of the Crab as they key-in to the ongoing trine between Neptune and Saturn. This post goes to ‘publish’ as Mercury opposes Pluto and Venus connects into the grand trine.

With the emphasis on ‘the personal’ connecting with the field through Cancer, our personal connections with the wise council of the ancestral spirits and the nourishing power and protection that they sponsor us through, will give meaningfulness and depth to the guidance we can call upon. Where we have already established strong connections with our own ancestors we can ask them to work with us – where we are unsure of this connection we can turn to Nature, as their presence is strong in the flora and fauna, the earth and waters of our lands. Connect with natural allies, with ‘power places’, to bring the ancestral links alive. Here we also connect with our own spiritual roots.

Working from the root, the counter-balance to plutocratic pressure, destruction and disempowerment is in focusing on the cool deep running waters of our personal medicines, the ‘imaginal’ capacity that we all have, which connects us to the mature, experienced elder wisdom. This is the time to gather in the clans and healing circles, to be in nature, to call in the allies and to open strong channels for the spiritual power of fundamental healing to flow through us. Whether it be in the intimacy of our personal sacred space, within our homes, or in the groups to which we belong, in gatherings of the many, when the root is present and flowing with spiritual sap it feeds the collective through which it flowers and finds outward expression.

This is, initially, a collective movement of energy in time that will find its own natural connections, but, if nothing else, this will be the prime time to call upon the spirits of Water, to give thanks and prayers of gratitude to them for giving us Life. Ask for their help in removing obstacles to transformation, for major collective healing, and for finding creative pathways for the flow of this emergent healing energy. Flow is everything here……trine energy can be wonderful, but, can also over-relax and make us lazy, so, while ‘down-time’ is vital in these times, make this a conscious use of that energy.

Remaining ‘awake and aware’ of what is happening around us also is essential – the simplest of things, its good to at least splash water on your face and arms, but, laughter too is a great healer when its flowing. If you are so blessed to be able to do so, bring play and joy into the mix! Go stand in the rain, in a fountain, a stream, run through the surf, go ‘wild-swimming’, if the spirit so moves you, but, do remember to hit your personal ‘refresh’ button. Take prayers to the rivers and lakes, to the oceans and the humble bowl of water on our altars. An herbal bath at the end of the day will help restore vitality, cleanse out toxins and strengthen our connections with the plant allies. If in doubt consult your local ‘curandera’ or herbalist, listen to the voices of nature. Asking for blessings from ‘Mama Water’, from the plant spirits – and always with deep gratitude – the network is strengthened.

We can be subtle in all this as well, at the same time. I emphasise playfulness here as these times are not in any way envisaging a call to ‘up’ confrontation, but, to invoke and stand within the flow of a greater power. That is an irresistable power in the face of the seemingly immovable object. Scorpio and Pisces emphasise the hidden and the intangible, as does Cancer the importance of inner and outer boundaries, and all operate here within the powerful elemental influence of compassionate pragmatism that Water embodies. Spiritual protection works in the subtle realms. We do not need to wear our power openly……

In many ways this amounts to preperation for working with future eventualities, in the manner of one entering sacred space, as well as, for example in the traditions of the ‘grief ritual’, the personal clarification and cleansing that precedes healing of old wounds.

Water is also the primary element at the heart of healing through grief……so much of our ecological debacle is rooted in the past, in the ongoing effects of un-acknowledge and un-expressed grief. It is also a dynamic that is very much behind the relentless drive of ‘progress’, a double blind that unconsciously seeks solution divorced from the past while towing the un-acknowledged emotional charge of the past behind it.

In Pisces Chiron also continues to oscillate over the first half of the sign, so, the trine from Neptune to Saturn is joined towards and throughout the second half of the quarter by Chiron’s trine to the north node of the Moon. This further emphasises the soul dimensions of the water trine. The wounds of the past and their ongoing lessons are present with us in so much of the destructive energy at work in the world. This is an opportunity to bring elder wisdom to work as an agency of transition that accepts the wounds we have suffered. It does so because the elders know through experience that taking up and expressing the grief behind those wounds fuels collective and corrective soul healing. Reclaiming the power locked up within them empowers us and allows us to move on with vigour and knowledge. Within both the inner and outer ecological issues facing us this will inevitably bring us into an emotionally charged space, one in which release becomes the precursor to transition. While the social, economic, environmental, political and spiritual injustices remain, We must be prepared to grieve.

In many ways the grief process is also about clearing the emotional body of hindrances and blocks, as well as freeing our subtle self into full living – decontaminating our subtle self and unhooking from archetypal patterning will be key to our future. So much of the plutocratic misuse of human power rests upon maintaining the  presence and effectiveness of those contaminants and patterns. It could be, the only thing that can facilitate humanity’s entry into maturity is a mass outpouring, not of violent confrontation, but, of emotional power through grief.  A part of the problem for us is how we facilitate this without it becoming confrontational, and without creating more grief. This takes prescient vision and strong soul-centered leadership – this too brings our personal work into a wider perspective, one in which we can all potentially fulfill that role, and embody the Imaginal’s role. This role was introduced recently at Owlmirror, the sister site to ‘root medicine’ – it is a visionary role that fits and carries a strong call.

When Venus enters Leo towards the end of June the time will be ripe for this calling to gather in power. We must take heart in this, and be willing to witness each others passion and hot tears in the face of usury and oppression as an essential part of the transformation process. This is real, and absolutely necessary if a release into a renewed sensivity for and appreciation of Life is to take the upper hand. But, Venus in Leo also signifies this in outward expression, through an appreciation of beauty and natural resource. Many are already rising to this call….but, we have not yet reached critical mass. July will see the empowered spread of this as an imperative to the masses with Mars and Jupiter conjunct in mid-Cancer, building to full strength just as Venus exits Leo on the July full Moon, 2013-07-22. Expect the rising energy felt then to become more widely present in the outer world as Lughnasadh approaches, as Mars and Jupiter oppose Pluto. This could be a tough test – but, it could also be a time of increasing confidence in People power if we hold fast to our center as we meet it.

Around Lughnasadh and into the second half of this quarter, in the run up to Equinox, the field for empowered individual work will open further, following through from this foundation. Being confident in the meaningfulness of our individual lives can help us move energetically forward. We are being primed for a cultural regeneration based upon healing values. Personal healing and creativity with a practical edge can come to the fore here, highlighted with first Venus then the Sun and Mercury entering Virgo in opposition to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. The August new Moon on the 6th will further seed a time of expansive change and we are the seeds of that change. This lunation is seeded squaring the Moon’s nodes – everything that we have paid attention to that feeds our souls will find value wanting realisation and this lunation is charged throughout with this energy.

The more we are able, individually, to resonate with the healing and transformational energy available within our own lives, both ‘high’ and ‘deep’, the stronger will become the resonance that this holds collectively. The polarisation of power is a golden opportunity to shift the poles of influence in our world.  Yes, there is a growing awareness of the importance of ‘being the change that we want to see in the world’ emergent now, but, this is no longer a soundbite or new-age mantra. Intrinsic to bringing real and lasting change that is in line with our shared role as guardians of our planetary home, Venus transit into Libra during the August lunation opens our hearts to the inter-relatedness of the collective journey, and sets in motion a resurgent wave of consciousness that the Sun’s entry into Virgo will further highlight as an ecological and healing necessity.

When the Sun and Mercury reach opposition with Neptune and Chiron it will be a time for the reckoning. This may sound ominous, but, that is the whole point of staying ahead of the curve, as well as the raison d’etre behind a long-term view being presented here. As this opposition approaches towards the end of August, Venus will also be opposing Uranus, forming a grand square with Jupiter opposite Pluto. The stress here is going to be on testing out our collective power – you have been alerted! Be ready to hold and sustain a higher vision for your own life, look closely at the intrinsic facts of how this can work and is working, utilise this insight to step beyond habitual and learned behaviour patterns, be ever watchful for opportunities to manifest this vision and, to coin the infamous phrase, ‘don’t let the ‘buggers’ get you down’. Effective tactics can include ‘random acts of kindness’, btw……..be unpredictably beautiful, its powerful medicine!

Jupiter is here also approaching first square with Uranus since their conjunction at the Aries cusp three years ago. The issues that arose from events of that time will be brought back into this arena of global change.  This was a time of Deepwater Horizon, of the Climate Change conference in Cancun, the year of financial bailouts, of environmental disasters through flooding, earthquakes and tsunamis – 2010 was also the year of Biodiversity, of Youth and the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion……..how many of these issues, and so many other factors, still apply in this time and in what ways……we must ask.

As the September New Moon arrives on the 5th, and as the Pluto Uranus square begins to wane, we can more actively turn our focus towards the future and gathering the practical means for sustaining a realisable vision. The seeding of that future is in our hands, literally. Mars, squaring the Moon’s nodes brings fiery energy to our souls path and the spirit of Fire, that most radical transformative element and bringer of cultural change, can be invoked to fuel the process of transition. This is the emergent halmark of the September lunation, burning off the aggregates that impede our souls path and embracing the great tranformational powers we are capable of in the long run. The full September Moon just days before equinox is preceded by Venus, Saturn and the north node aligning at 9 Scorpio to test out this vision with perspectives seen through the lens of reality. What we mean to our descendants rests upon our ability to realise it. We may not see its flowering just yet, but…..

…..as Equinox approaches, the fruits of our labours through this equally contentious and exciting time will show us how deeply meaningful, as well as essential, our ability to transit from a visionary human capacity into a workable one is for our world. If ‘global transformation of consciousness’ was formerly the vision, planetary healing is now our mandate. This is not so much a vision as an impending reality.


Apologies for any adverts appearing below posts here…………..

Phoenix Rising


April 20th 2013 sees the conjunction of Mercury and Uranus in the 10th degree of tropical Aries……the mysterious traveller is on his way home, but, on the way he drops in on the Magician to deliver feedback on how things are going in dreamland, back on Earth…..

……it is a day to make use of for all the right reasons……lets start with the Sabian symbol for 10 Aries :


Revision of attitude at the beginning of a new cycle of experience.

……….we find expressed…..the problem of focusing one’s energies upon emotional drives and cultural values which exclude far more than they include….there arises in the consciousness a desire to reformulate at a new level much that had been taken for granted because it indeed originally had been an evolutionary necessity. The very concrete emotion-arousing images of the past can now be reinterpreted as “symbols” with a wider scope of meaning.

…….a new dimension of consciousness is discovered, revealing higher possibilities of experience and mental development. This is a phase of ABSTRACTION and of emotional allegiance.”

Mercury can be the go-between here, the interfacing awareness that allows traffic between the personal and transpersonal consciousness. In another sense, when Mercury and Uranus stand together the interface is fully activated, and, in another sense still, while the boundaries between the two become open, their distinct energies needing differentiation, they also merge…..but, if that sounds like a multidimensional challenge,  holding the two together while keeping them clearly grounded in their own realities, then the Sabian symbolism helps us know how to do precisely that. Here comes the unexpected…..

So much about Uranus is misunderstood from the cultural values that have been shrink wrapped around the ol’Mage…..the lock-down on wonderous things, like magic, electrifying realisations, otherworldly, that is to say, ‘divine’ intelligence, and, the with-holding of  technologies far beyond the cultural norm’s established infrastructures, have distorted the view of the world that has been projected onto and with that wrapping, until, at worst, we are expected to live as though such wonderous things are no longer available to us, in their immediacy, as Uranus would have it……but, Mercury has a sharp intellect and cunning propensity for ignoring boundaries and in this conjunction will be bursting the bubble and releasing the vacuum to let Uranus breathe all those gifts back into our memories, and that will be when the fun begins……

Lets just put a slightly wider context on this…..the Uranus Pluto square. The next date for this exact aspect is 20th May when the twelfth degree of Aries and Capricorn will be connected through these two powerful outer planets. The tension is already showing and arcs of restructuring archetypal energies are being traded between the innovative and the controlling sides of the equation.

Uranus wants nothing to do with the past, unless it serves to ground Uranian insights and power the people in the process….while this is about connectivity in the NOW, ‘abstraction’ may not be the right word, but, in re-interpreting symbols it finds some resonance, a means, and describes something of the technical effort of symbolising anew. But, it requires the emotional input that brings the meaning alive and that is provided in Pluto’s relentless exposure of fundamental power in our world. We feel that power, bigtime, once the wrappers are off…….it too enlightens us. There is big healing afoot……

Expect the landscape to change shape rapidly……and all thats built upon it.

And, in that part of the process, Uranus brings us the elevated view, “higher possibilites of experience and mental development”, according to the Sabian sages .

The Sabians are tied into religious tradition, and originate in the Middle-East, and it seems….“the word Sābi’ūna (Sabian) is derived from the verb saba’a, which refers to the action of leaving one religion and entering another……” – sounds like ‘knowing’ don’t it?!

Perhaps this will play out in that specific arena over the coming times, but, more likely we could see virtually anything carrying the characteristics and effect of ‘religious’ manifestation finding new form, not just in religion……if Uranus is at work in this process, the old symbols within our prevailing spiritual and material doctrines could shed their old skins, become released from the shrink-wrap of 21st century dualistic materialism, and surpise us all at how familiar the taste and smell of the forbidden fruit from the old Tree actually is! Not to mention how liberating to take a bite….

All through this we will be faced with choices that are going to add to the tension, and, call for accelerated and real release from the old hegemonies. Mercury’s report back to Uranus is also going to be spilling the juice on how mystery has been misused, how our sense of spirituality has been fogged, and how our shadows have been hijacked and turned into a virus, to keep us under and anaesthetised…

…..look out in the ‘tween time for revelations to galvanise the mind and heart into unified action with intent when Venus, followed by the Sun, and Mars oppose Saturn from Taurus…..Saturn is looking in on the karmic residues that have calcified our deepest visions, and, he does so from the sign that used to carry the symbol of the Phoenix – on May 5th Mercury opposes the old devil and the rising fire of our awareness will ground itself with intent in the Earth plane. Our world is poised…….

…but, hats off to Mercury, for doning the cloak of invisibility and entering the Mystery on our behalf – the winged one will also bring our personal choices into a clearer level of consciousness and this will be the time to claim our evolutionary rights, use our personal and collective Magic and get down to work with the Magician and the Alchemist. But, remember, the Phoenix is the most peace loving of the Scorpio’s symbols………what kind of World do you envision we can create through such empowerment……as the Phoenix rises from the ashes……

Mercury Revs


….the veils begin to fall away…..in the half light the mists part, swirling patterns flowing from winged heals…..a distant flame beckons, the feint whisper of a softly echoing music drifting in and out of this timeless place…..as if from a dream the mysterious traveller moves on, towards awakening and a new dawn…..

Mercury has left the retrograde zone within Pisces, and is speeding on towards Aries and initiation of a new cycle……but, there is one who would yet surpass his speed……

Mercury will be passed on his way into Aries by the ethereal Moon, donning a robe of spectral darkness as she rushes to meet with the Sun, with Venus and Mars, around the ancient fire at the heart of the sacred birthing ground. On the cusp of the final decan of the Cardinal Fire sign, on April 10th, a New Moon will be seeded……a day of firey passion and rebellious joy, a celebration of life’s eternal dance between the feminine and the masculine…..a fierce show of love that breaks the bindings of the mores.

…..Mercury, the fleet footed one will arrive late, bringing the messages he carries from the other side into the aftermath of festivities long swept aside as the lovers depart for Taurus sylvan groves. New Life calls, but, his news would have us stop a moment, the better our passions find their mark…..his voice will call out and have them, have us, turn…..

“Think back…..look into the mirror of time and remember….” he will urge. For in his time beyond the boundaries of the outer worlds, within the dreaming oceans of Pisces, Mercury has been gathering memories, themselves priceless diamonds and pearls pulled from the mysterious depths beneath the Serpent’s starry realms, deeply buried in the heart of Scorpios own mysterious waters.

“Remember….all that came into being, and all that befell you following the Sun’s eclipse, five moons ago, as the Moon entered the final decan of the eigth sign….”

His words are well heeded now as, from the opening of the soul gates that the eclipse marked on the night of November 13th 2012, events were set in motion that will now be brought to manifestation, within the orbit of this New Moon cycle, and beyond. And the heart of this cycle will once again open the soul gates.

The Moon will this time become eclipsed, on the night of April 25th, again in Scorpio, at 5 degrees, this time as she approaches brooding Saturn, retrograde and only three degrees ahead of the eclipse, his own knowing eyes turned inward. At the time of the solar eclipse in November he too was only a single degree from the coming lunar eclipse point – what came into manifestation then will reveal its consequences, its inner purpose now.

Yet, if this has a ring of foreboding about it, take heart…..all things born of innocence and pure intent will yet prevail…..and Mercury, his call echoing in the lovers footsteps, will rally the aid of his ally, Uranus, as the messenger and the magician meet, on April 20th, just as the Sun and Mars meet on the cusp of the sign of the Bull. Mark this day as a time for calling upon higher intervention and guidance….we would do well to open our minds and let the liquid light of inner truth course through us and ignite a knowing of another kind within. This will be the chance to escape the bonds of our conditioning and bring the juice of that rebellious joy and fierce love to bear. And, the councel received and put into play within the world at this time will also carry the knowing that Saturn reveals, in crucial balance with the earthy wisdom of the heart, as Venus opposes Saturn from her home sign. Those who follow the wisdom of the heart will prevail. Our higher purpose will find its form.

Our purpose too has its dreams, born into existance in an unfolding order that the solstice seeded in time and space. Many held those dreams at that time with a powerful longing for release, within the ancient revolutions of the stars as they completed their precessional cycle, just as the Sun stood still, and turned, that December solstice 2012. Yet, even though those dreams appeared to fall away, just as ‘the world we know’ prevailed, the dreams we held in our purpose are evolving still and will now do so into more meaningful forms, ideals that have been forged in the crucible of experience to become causes we know we must fight for…..at this New Moon Jupiter will be in the same degree of the sign of the twins that he too occupied at the November eclipse. We can expand our minds beyond the confines of habit and the diseases of conditioning….Jupiter too is now hastening forward.

All this is but a prelude to greater change…..Uranus and Pluto tighten in aspect as they approach exact square for the third time of seven at May 20th. We are not in the heart of it yet…..but, as with revolution and renewal, upheaval and revelation are the means by which great change takes form, and this is where the message of the mysterious traveller would have us now turn our enlightened minds and hearts. The world has indeed moved on but now is the time for us to see the dream treasures of our purpose birthed and come alive……

…..blessed be…..

Mysterious Traveller – Mercury in Pisces

starmaidenMercury in Pisces……bringing messages from the far distant shores of the dreamworlds, of spirit, seeing the scintillating light of eternity in the ordinary, its inner world both here and not here, more than here, communicating through the archetypes, words carried on the winds of imagination, speaking the language of the clouds and ocean currents, a traveller with no destination, in the world but mysteriously not of it…..

The great poet and itinerant zen monk Basho had something of this….

“The rough sea – stretching out towards Sado – the Milky Way”

…but, when Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, as he is for the moment, the journey is turned inwards, an invertion that pulls us into moods and feelings of longing, a search for our own meaning and the solid ground of knowing…..

At best of times Mercury can put us in touch with the Gods, deliver the kiss from the Goddess….and not telling us of the consequences, leave us laughing  on the edge of the pool, until we twig and, leaping in, follow him…..

“an ancient pond – a frog jumps in – the splash of water”

…but, which comes first?

The predominant astrological interpretation of Mercury retrograde is a story of disruptive interventions and flat tyres on our urgent and important journeys…..miscommunications rather than insights. But, in Pisces we are more likely to end up questioning our motives for setting out in the first place and finding they were never written in stone, were the work of other powers greater than ourselves, and, with this, vapourising our perspectives……talking to ourselves and hearing an echo in the fog…..

“falling sick on a journey – my dream goes wandering – over a field of dried grass”

Depth psychology and spiritual healing, ennui and melancholy, the old memory carried by the youthful soul, the Orphic search for the beloved, Psyche’s dream of the embrace in the dark…….all carry the signature of a compassion that floods the heart with longing for restoration, and here, Mercury can take us there, but, blindfolded and, not yet….

….trust must be found to undertake the great endeavour, a release from illusions that do not serve our soul, an apprehension of spirit, and a self depricating sense of humour – before we can fly we must retrace our steps and remember, long and deep into our past, until we find the doorway to the future…..and we will, if we trust ourselves to the mysterious traveller……

Haiku poems by Matsuo Basho

The Tide Turns – Jupiter Direct

In early October 2012, after reaching 16 degrees of tropical Gemini Jupiter stationed and began a three month retrograde journey – that journey is now at an end and Jupiter stations again on Jan 31st at 6 degrees Gemini, from which time the planet of expansion and joviality will be heading directly for the border with tropical Cancer. This is the big push, the increase in outbreath of all that has been building in connection with this planet since Jupiter entered Gemini back in early June 2012 – we’ve had some pretty momentous times since then, times of growing anticipation for expanding horizons on so many levels, and, not least of all, those surrounding the December solstice 2012.

If the expectations for major events connected with this significant station in the solar cycle were unfulfilled the underlying reality of the times has relentlessly pushed our world from beneath and the events that have unfolded through this time have shown that Jupiter’s main role has been to amplify the pressure at work. The chief astrological source for that pressure over the solstice time was the sextile between Pluto and Saturn, which we will be coming to in a seperate post shortly – but, these two outlying planets have been brewing a revolution in the underworld that, every now and then, lets off steam and gives us warning of whats to come, and, it is through Jupiter that this energetic has been expressed. These three planets formed a yod with precision timing that became exact on the solstice; the first pressure release was deflationary…….with Jupiter going direct again, and remaining so until reaching Cancer, we can now expect the energy of change to become evermore demonstrably expressed…..the tide has turned! This will be an experiment in ‘being the change we want to see in the world’.

There are some major Jupitarian milestones coming up on that journey towards Cancer, markers in the matrix that spell out just how important the next 18 weeks will be, for Jupiter will be conjunct the Sun at solstice in June, within minutes of arc of Cancer, and will reach the cusp just five days later on the 26th. But, the scope of ‘change’ discernable in the planetary movements through this time is immense, so, here we will focus on their energetics through until equinox.

The journey direct begins with the Sun square Saturn, the Moon opposite Uranus and Jupiter square Chiron, and the latter aspect, having been in place for some weeks, will now begin ‘applying’…..”underlying tensions for reparative action to meet pro-active calls for significant change that will affect us all” is a theme that will run through all the coming months up to solstice and this is amplified further with Pallas conjunct Uranus as the Imbolc Sun reaches mid Aquarius.

The rhetoric for change can only last so long without something ‘actually happening’ that reflects it back to us…..here-in lies the first level of tension that holds that pressure. The first signs that the floodgates are about to open will be when the stellium of Mars, Mercury, Chiron and Neptune forms in Pisces a few days into Jupiter’s journey….all squaring Jupiter, this potent mix of vociferous planets could see some very hot and passionate words being fed to the fires in the socio-political boiler room. Positive news could be amongst the rhetoric too, with Venus trining Jupiter from Aquarius, and, Uranus sextile will bring unexpected benefits from this potentially shouty and turbulent episode.

Difficult as the atmosphere generated here may be, the outcomes could be the first solid signs of that ‘turning of the tide’, especially as, once the Moon has passed through this quarter and transitted no less than six planets (it may feel like its kicking off everywhere, again, but, its just the ripple effect of the ‘wake-up call’ Jupiter is putting out there), Moon conjunct Jupiter on Feb 18th will see Saturn go retrograde and the Sun enter Pisces. This will signal the return of the Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter yod…..

….following this hectic lunations opening, the period coming up around the Pisces full Moon on February 25th is asking us to bring out strong creative heart centered energy as the Moon first opposes Venus on the cusp of Pisces and then Neptune before exactly squaring Jupiter at full Moon. This T-square has the potential to ask the question of just how much of the change we are seeing in the world is truly reflecting our inner wisdom, the home truths we know need to be recognised and healed – when will the watershed moment, the critical mass manifest, and the momentum arrive through which we can overcome the burdens and cloying persistence of the past?

Mercury conjuncts Mars, trine the Moon’s north node and Chiron stands between them and the Sun…….Uranus inconjunct the full Moon could make this a time of inspired thinking outside the box; the pressure is on to get real, for release from the wounds of the past – we must become masters of our fate!

How much we stay on the upside of these transits depends upon how well we can communicate our ideas while holding the ‘others’ point of view in mind….compassionate listening rather than pedantic authoritarianism. This will be a good time for listening to the voice of our inner wounds and making sure we do not remain the victim of them, but, learn and grow, to mature as a species. However, with Vesta in close proximity to Jupiter, we need above all else to make sure that the boundaries of our sacred space are not violated, so, on a personal note be careful who you confide in…..the cat and our journal may be our best friends here, or simply keeping it quiet and simple.

All the drama in the world may seem to be upon  us at this Pisces full Moon, but, it can also be a time of deepening self-understanding and preparation for the equinoxial transition, a big wave in the turning tide…..

….all through this time the Pluto Saturn sextile is building, fueling the global matrix with talk of revolution and seismic tremors in the world of power and politics, and, as it does so the yod builds slowly and the pressure upon Jupiter increases.That yod becomes increasingly sensitive as we approach equinox and with Moon conjunct Jupiter as it approaches we will feel the undercurrents of archetypal change sweeping us along once again. Just as the Sun enters tropical Aries, Mars conjuncts Uranus, the Moon opposes Pluto, and a second yod opens between Mars/Uranus and Jupiter with Saturn at the action point! To underline all this potential for high drama and explosive events Uranus is accelerating faster than Pluto and closing their ground-breaking square…….its going to be getting hot this equinox! Full Moon after equinox brings it all to a head….but, we’ll come back to that one nearer the time……

In this report my main aim is to flag up the planetary energetics of the period between Imbolc when Jupiter goes direct and Equinox when it reaches the first major station of its journey across and out of Gemini – we will come back to the second half as we approach that time, but, as is clear from the way in which these planetary dynamics are building, as well as being energetically charged and challenging, the weeks ahead hold much potential for change, innovation and planetary healing. The tide will be turning, of this there is no doubt, but, the overall feel of this time is an expanding and amplifying awareness that is both necessary and, potentially, catalystic in taking us to the very edge of collective cohesion, a role reflected in Jupiter’s journey through Gemini, but, also one that begs the question…..’where are we going…….and who’s really at the wheel’?!

Mercury and the Great Beyond

seeing-far On December 11th Mercury re-enters tropical Sagittarius and begins a week of important transits that bring the opportunity to re-consider our personal direction within the Bigger Picture. With the December solstice 2012 just days away this will be of immense value in preparing for the transition into the new solar cycle and help us to get wise to what that fabled date really means to us.

The action between Mercury and the outer planets is fast paced through the seven days leading up to the 18th when Mercury in Jupiter’s home sign will oppose Jupiter in Gemini, Mercury’s home sign,  and the Sun will conjunct the galactic center. In between, Mercury will square Neptune, trine Uranus and square Chiron. And, as if this were not significant enough, on December 13th we have a new Moon in Sagittarius, so, when Mercury opposes Jupiter it will also be coming into a T-square with the first quarter Moon and Jupiter. This will coincide with the Moon transiting both Neptune and Chiron, so all the thought we have given to just who and what we are within the ‘immensity of it all’ will meet with a reality check…..and thats just seeing the evolving ongoing chart from the perspective of Mercury’s transit……

A release from illusion and revision of our life philosophy is called for in Mercury coming into Sagittarius and this is doubled with profound effect through Mercury’s square with Neptune. Best advice here is to be patient with ourselves and, if we are experiencing confusion, if it all seems too much to take in, to simply wait for the fog to clear – while waiting, getting creative and bringing out our personal artistry and imagination will help us to avoid feeling bogged down and directionless. Just making collages from meaningful images in unlikely combinations and enjoying the story revealing itself in the process will be hugely rewarding, no matter the medium we work in. Letting our voice emerge in song, stream of consciousness writing or chilling with our favourite films will allow the current of incoming mental energy to flow freely, but, if there is a caviat, it would be to avoid excess, and relax – remember, be patient as the new Moon will help us to ground the underlying themes and earth the energy that has been streaming in, whether we have been aware of it or not. If we then look back on new Moon at what we have created through this time, we may discover something of great value that otherwise might never have seen the light of day! There may be a way of celebrating ‘what’s coming’ in there…..

This will also be an important time to take advantage of the healing that our dreams and our personal dreaming bring –  rather than getting hooked on the symbolic content of our nocturnal dramas and journeys, notice the feelings they bring on awakening and acknowledge them – then let them go. This can be a time for forgiving ourselves, letting the soft animal nature of our sleeping self off the hook of our human mentality – if we do so, then, when Uranus and Chiron come into view over the days immediately following new Moon we will be ready to receive the divine spark of inspiration and the wisdom that the animal powers can bring to us. Remember, in many indigenous traditions the medicine animals are the keepers of star-lore on Earth – this is our time to honour our personal totems and animal guides, and, in the coming week, as the solstice energy arrives, their role in our lives will become much clearer and more meaningful, especially in our relationship to the evolution and restoration of balance in ‘how we are living’ on our home planet.

Jupiter in mutual reception and opposition with Mercury asks for these kinds of partnerships to be allowed to have their say now. Jupiter is also at the action point of the ‘solstice yod’ that sees Saturn in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn, and they will be sending a deep and powerful message of transformation through Jupiter – if we find ourselves at a fork in the road, this will be the prime time to choose which road we will be taking in realising and co-creating a better world.  As Jupiter in Gemini might well be saying, ‘there can be no greater cause in our time than the restoration of right relationship with our Earth and the Cosmos’. This is a time of big medicine – with Mercury coming out of the ‘shadow zone of its retrograde period, with the asteroid Aphrodyte conjunct the new Moon, Venus entering Sagittarius just two days later and Sun conjunct the galactic center, the heart of our galaxy’s star nations, on December 18th just three days before solstice, if we let the power flow through us, by the time solstice arrives the message should be clear……

Live from the heart…….and have a great new Moon!

The Forest in the Seed – Sun & Mercury rx at the North Node

While the excitement generated by the solar eclipse is still with us it is now time to get down to the business end of the solar lunar conjunction of November 13th. The tangible deep awe and beauty of this event fittingly manifested the qualities of the Scorpio Taurus axis and the world was treated to some incredible live-feed views that effectively brought the eclipse to the whole of the planet. Being within 4 degrees of conjunct to the Moon’s mean nodal axis meant that while this eclipse had a virtual global embrace it would be a few days into the lunation before the Sun arrived at the NN in 26 Scorpio. That time is upon us and over the next 24-48 hours we will have the opportunity to focus our attention and energy on any issues that came up for us at the eclipse that have touched us at a soul level – this is a prime opportunity for healing and resolving unfinished business as well as taking steps for future growth. This can be an immensely rewarding time if we truly invest in it……visualise planting trees as a medicine practice and you will get the flavour……

The Sun is joined on the NN by retrograde Mercury so the extended moment has a deep meditative character – slowing down and looking within, reflecting on the past few days will reveal the underlying psychological strata of experiences that have arisen over this time. This is quality time for ourselves and our souls journey, a time when Carl Jung’s wise words have a particularly powerful resonance…….

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakens.”

…..the nodal axis gives us access to the balance between our personal history and evolutionary potential and, while the Scorpio Taurus axis is fixed, lending a balanced perspective down the timeline, how we actually see the past and future is entirely mutable, depending upon the condition and quality of awareness present that is observing it. In a sense, this too is in the nature of the Sun, Mercury retro, NN alignment in tropical Scorpio.

Scorpio in particular can give vivid clarity beyond the mundane surface and look very deeply beyond the boundaries of the present, into soul-time. Here quality rather than quantity is the measure and with this particular alignment deep feeling is the function of the inner eye that allows it to search out and see into that place of memory and possibility. Much of the memory end, where the south node is situated, carries the balast of our lives, and this includes the heavy elements that inhibit soul growth as well as the seeds of opportunity for growth that these carry – we can realise those opportunities through conscious awareness and discernement. One could use the saying ‘love it, use it or lose it’ here, but, care should be taken to not be hasty in making these decisions. Conversely, a great temptation is to love the devil you know – but, when the North Node is in Scorpio we cannot get away with this for very long. Eventually something will happen to awaken us out of our torpor and make a move……that is a movement of the soul. It can carry a strong emotional charge…..

Earths incarnate realms is where the detritus, the flotsam and jetsum we have discerned as polluting or superfluous to our needs, is jettisoned – it can only happen here. But, when the south node is in the earth element as well, the effects are very tangible and the feelings that arise in correspondence, through which we can sense the soul-dimension at work, are intensified. The body can manifest aches and pains, illnesses can flare up, as symptoms of the process at work, and they can just as easily dissipate. If they do not pass body work may help, fluid motion and expressive release through dance and movement therapy if the symptoms allow – but, letting go of the emotional qualities you find within these conditions and allowing the energy to flow through you is most important. These emotional values are often not even ours to begin with, but, it is possible to discern which are. Those which aren’t can be both stressfull and stress related and persistent with it, and a release of toxins into the metabolism is natural when these register over time – bringing in the water element here is essential; drink plenty of it. The essense here is to listen to your inner wisdom, the knowing that carries a feeling of timeless certainty and rightness, and act on it with simple trusting love…..compassion for ourselves is, by its own nature, food for the soul…..it will ingite the essential sparks of life-force that seed the forests of our soul.

The gift of this eclipse can be deepand lasting – the unleashed energies belonging to the natural processes that have flooded through the portal in time opened in those oh so magical eight minutes of totality will bear fruit in time. With this eclipse’ influence covering and including the December 2012 solstice and March 2013 equinox the importance of the investment we make of this kind at this time cannot be over-emphasised……use it wisely and be blessed!

October 17th – Auspicious Indeed!

On October 17 2012, just two days into lunation of the Libra new moon, Mercury in Scorpio and Venus in Virgo, continuing to hold tight to each other in sextile, both put pressure on Jupiter in Gemini with a quincunx and a square aspect respectively. Mercury, being ruler of both Gemini and Virgo, dictates the agenda that Jupiter is pushing us to reflect upon within – we need to grow in our thinking about this agenda, to make room for it in our lives, and to listen for how it raises a deep passion and sense of personal truth in us. Nothing else will do…….

……look to Jupiter’s position in your chart to ascertain which area of your life is being spotlighted in this way and give yourself some time during the day to explore this with quiet reflection and inner sight……

….the rewards will be great as the Moon will be transiting the North Node through the day and offering the opportunity to ground the findings of your quiet reflections in harmony with your soul path – auspicious indeed!