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19th October – Farseeing Insights

The 19th of October carries a sweet medicine for reflecting on our personal philosophy about life and brings an opportunity to chew on the metaphysical cud awhile. At the start of the day the Moon is on the Great Attractor in Sagittarius opposite Jupiter in Gemini and gives us access to a behind the scenes view of our lives not normally available to us – watch your dreams for indications of your place within the greater scheme of things. This is generally a good day to take particular note of what is magnetising your life from within this more philosophical perspective and see how this is affecting your everyday thinking.

This day brings an opportunity to explore how we feel about Life with an unusually wider range of perception than we might be accustomed to or is normally available, so, if you are so inclined, this will be an auspicious time to inform ourselves with divination, especially scrying, and meditation or dreaming work.

The day ends with the Moon on the Galactic Center, again bringing a sense of belonging within the greater scheme of things to our personal path and how we are feeling about where it is leading us. At the midpoint between Sun and Neptune as the day closes the Moon will help heighten our dreaming and open our inner eyes, making the whole day very beneficial for shamanic and otherworldly work, especially where we seek a deeper sense of our ‘world-work’, or to expand its altruistic core in harmony with the times and gain farseeing insights into how we can do this…..

Quantum Astrology

Much respected astrologer Rick Levine here gives a great presentation and introduction to Quantum Astrology, a view of astrological practice that marries our current developing scientific understanding of the quantum nature of reality with foundational applications of astrological knowledge. Its emphasis on planetary and interplanetary cycles throws an historical perspective of the wave function and scalar nature of this perspective, its pulse and significance, into sharp relief……current interpretations of events mentioned not withstanding as ‘givens’, the vid provides a clear and informative view of one of the most dynamic and essential areas of development within the astrological ‘paradigm’ – enjoy!