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Phoenix Rising


April 20th 2013 sees the conjunction of Mercury and Uranus in the 10th degree of tropical Aries……the mysterious traveller is on his way home, but, on the way he drops in on the Magician to deliver feedback on how things are going in dreamland, back on Earth…..

……it is a day to make use of for all the right reasons……lets start with the Sabian symbol for 10 Aries :


Revision of attitude at the beginning of a new cycle of experience.

……….we find expressed…..the problem of focusing one’s energies upon emotional drives and cultural values which exclude far more than they include….there arises in the consciousness a desire to reformulate at a new level much that had been taken for granted because it indeed originally had been an evolutionary necessity. The very concrete emotion-arousing images of the past can now be reinterpreted as “symbols” with a wider scope of meaning.

…….a new dimension of consciousness is discovered, revealing higher possibilities of experience and mental development. This is a phase of ABSTRACTION and of emotional allegiance.”

Mercury can be the go-between here, the interfacing awareness that allows traffic between the personal and transpersonal consciousness. In another sense, when Mercury and Uranus stand together the interface is fully activated, and, in another sense still, while the boundaries between the two become open, their distinct energies needing differentiation, they also merge…..but, if that sounds like a multidimensional challenge,  holding the two together while keeping them clearly grounded in their own realities, then the Sabian symbolism helps us know how to do precisely that. Here comes the unexpected…..

So much about Uranus is misunderstood from the cultural values that have been shrink wrapped around the ol’Mage…..the lock-down on wonderous things, like magic, electrifying realisations, otherworldly, that is to say, ‘divine’ intelligence, and, the with-holding of  technologies far beyond the cultural norm’s established infrastructures, have distorted the view of the world that has been projected onto and with that wrapping, until, at worst, we are expected to live as though such wonderous things are no longer available to us, in their immediacy, as Uranus would have it……but, Mercury has a sharp intellect and cunning propensity for ignoring boundaries and in this conjunction will be bursting the bubble and releasing the vacuum to let Uranus breathe all those gifts back into our memories, and that will be when the fun begins……

Lets just put a slightly wider context on this…..the Uranus Pluto square. The next date for this exact aspect is 20th May when the twelfth degree of Aries and Capricorn will be connected through these two powerful outer planets. The tension is already showing and arcs of restructuring archetypal energies are being traded between the innovative and the controlling sides of the equation.

Uranus wants nothing to do with the past, unless it serves to ground Uranian insights and power the people in the process….while this is about connectivity in the NOW, ‘abstraction’ may not be the right word, but, in re-interpreting symbols it finds some resonance, a means, and describes something of the technical effort of symbolising anew. But, it requires the emotional input that brings the meaning alive and that is provided in Pluto’s relentless exposure of fundamental power in our world. We feel that power, bigtime, once the wrappers are off…….it too enlightens us. There is big healing afoot……

Expect the landscape to change shape rapidly……and all thats built upon it.

And, in that part of the process, Uranus brings us the elevated view, “higher possibilites of experience and mental development”, according to the Sabian sages .

The Sabians are tied into religious tradition, and originate in the Middle-East, and it seems….“the word Sābi’ūna (Sabian) is derived from the verb saba’a, which refers to the action of leaving one religion and entering another……” – sounds like ‘knowing’ don’t it?!

Perhaps this will play out in that specific arena over the coming times, but, more likely we could see virtually anything carrying the characteristics and effect of ‘religious’ manifestation finding new form, not just in religion……if Uranus is at work in this process, the old symbols within our prevailing spiritual and material doctrines could shed their old skins, become released from the shrink-wrap of 21st century dualistic materialism, and surpise us all at how familiar the taste and smell of the forbidden fruit from the old Tree actually is! Not to mention how liberating to take a bite….

All through this we will be faced with choices that are going to add to the tension, and, call for accelerated and real release from the old hegemonies. Mercury’s report back to Uranus is also going to be spilling the juice on how mystery has been misused, how our sense of spirituality has been fogged, and how our shadows have been hijacked and turned into a virus, to keep us under and anaesthetised…

…..look out in the ‘tween time for revelations to galvanise the mind and heart into unified action with intent when Venus, followed by the Sun, and Mars oppose Saturn from Taurus…..Saturn is looking in on the karmic residues that have calcified our deepest visions, and, he does so from the sign that used to carry the symbol of the Phoenix – on May 5th Mercury opposes the old devil and the rising fire of our awareness will ground itself with intent in the Earth plane. Our world is poised…….

…but, hats off to Mercury, for doning the cloak of invisibility and entering the Mystery on our behalf – the winged one will also bring our personal choices into a clearer level of consciousness and this will be the time to claim our evolutionary rights, use our personal and collective Magic and get down to work with the Magician and the Alchemist. But, remember, the Phoenix is the most peace loving of the Scorpio’s symbols………what kind of World do you envision we can create through such empowerment……as the Phoenix rises from the ashes……