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Richard Tarnas – a keynote address at the Turning of an Age

The field of Archetypal Astrology has become one of the most fruitful, well developed and dynamic areas in our contemporary practice and Richard Tarnas is perhaps its most well respected and erudite of researchers and practitioners. His books ‘The Passion of the Western Mind’ and ‘Cosmos and Psyche’  are the seminal foundational works in the field that have really helped shift astrology onto a solid contemporary foundation of serious paradigmatic research and philosophical development, its rightful place – in Richard’s seminars we can feel the deep ranging passion and significance that he senses within and brings into the field through his work.

Here is the keynote speech he delivered to the NCGR conference in Baltimore in 2008 – in it he addresses some of the most challenging and pertinent questions raised by our current epoch and it remains a perfect introduction to the man and the subject. Filled with at times hilarious anecdotes and a broad sweeping vision of our times, Richard brings alive the roots and evolutionary advances we have and are making within astrology and our quest for understanding the question of what it is to be human…..relax, sit back and enjoy!