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The Star and the Crucible


This post is primarily about preparation for the Lughnasadh planetary chart for August 1st, but, before we get to that one, in the next post, we must first look into something that is coming in the run up to find out why the planetary patterns of that date are particularly juiced up and anticipate the degree of significance the midpoint between solstice and equinox carries this time around. So, yes, you guessed it, its that Grand Sextile.

In the run up to the cross quarter fire festival a grand sextile pattern clicks into place for a period of about 10hours on the 29th of July up until round about 22:00 UTC. This configuration shows the geometry of the planets within the chart forming a six pointed star, often refered to as the Star of David, and in it two grand trines bring earth and water signs into the balanced interlocking geometry of the image; getting earthed and going with the flow.

The amazing thing is just how many astrologers and symbolists alike are hanging predictions upon the auspicious interpretation of this symbol alone, and in the process are risking throwing the baby out with the bathwater, for, not only is the grand sextile itself shot through with oppositions, throughout its formation the S.o.D (Star of David) chart as a whole harbours the long running square between Pluto and Uranus, here brought into a hightened state of volatility by Mars and Jupiter in opposition to Pluto and squaring Uranus. This T cuts right across the Star and punctures its symmetry, dividing it into two distinct halves.

The image is further complicated with a second T between Moon in Taurus opposite Saturn in Scorpio with the Sun square in Leo at their mid-point. This configuration in particular pushes patriarch and matriarch under the spotlight in opposition and this could itself be symbolic of the zeitgeist, and as it is the Moon that triggers the six-point geometry, the People are bringing present Earth related issues to bear in this stand-off. Are we seeing the possibility of the male and female archetypes finding clearly defined form and flooding the field, demanding attention and workable relationship? And, how might this find expression?

Uranus in Aries can be both fiercely illuminating and shockingly aggressive, and, being at the mid-point between the opposing planets within the T between Pluto and Mars conjunct Jupiter, shows a potential release point for the pressure represented in that opposition. There is predominantly masculine energy present here. Here too we find at work an expanding energy of strong feelings and desire to break free of control and manipulation, an innate dissident militancy that arises both from and in ‘opposition’. Not difficult to see how these two T squares might relate to each other! They describe a crucible of power.

The People are up in arms at the endemic incursion on self determination that is infiltrating our lives, and privacy and natural rights are both being eroded and attacked, and are seen to be intimately interwoven. The lightning strike unpredictability of the Uranian release asks us all to be awake and aware. A flash-point between oppressors and oppressed, a direct hit at the heart of natural balance, the divisive intervention of State and corporatocracy within the birthrights of all born of Earth, all of which are clearly unfolding in our times, could come to a head. And land and water, the signature of the interlocking trines, flagged up through key issues like fracking and weather control for example, are the symbolic battle ground. But then, so is our very consciousness…..microwave and low frequency manipulation of the wavelengths of awareness are amongst the modus operandi of an assault on sentience – turn off the appliances and listen.

Add to this another factor and this becomes clear as a powerful underlying issue in this moment; grand trines can be representative of both pervasive and unconscious influences, equally prone to altering the background and colouring the foreground of our experiences. Double this and you can see how easy it might be amongst all this pressure to confuse the personal with the impersonal, to fall under influences affecting the collective, sourced in the coercive and the hidden agenda, and in the process loose sight of the power of our own self authority. It pays to remember that these planetary influences are what we make of them – such is also the nature of primary symbols carrying strong symbolic resonance and archetypal influence, but here the alterations and colouring carry much more sinister implications. It is not only the world that is being fucked with, it is our minds. Perhaps it is the presence of so much subversion, tension and challenge in the world just now that is driving the idealised interpretation of this Star symbol in the skies……wouldn’t be the first time. In fact, the very reality of this recurrence is the elephant in the room, and elephants are not only wise, they have long memories! Here is a crux point that our ancestors knew all too well…..can we trust ourselves to be ourselves and get it right this time? Signs are……

……so, it should be said that this window of opportunity is in no small measure a powerful one, if we choose to work with the presence of that six-point configuration. It does represent the opening of our inner matrix to the outer, a unifying of fundamental patterns within the field and ourselves, so, the advice here in working with it is to simply, at this stage, allow awareness to be the key that unlocks its magic and its memory – no big shakes, just an acceptance in the moment of divine providence, as it were, he said ironically. But, there is the all important caveat, the one that might make all the difference. Opening ourselves to the field at such a time as this requires clear and boundaried space in which to do so. The outer rim of the six-points defining the star pattern unite through the hightened energy of the sextile. This calls for us to intend for that boundary to be a filter to all that is not inherently your own. Be clear about this – it asks for only that which serves your higher purpose to be allowed in. While this is almost certainly a time of inner re-adjustment back to original settings it is not a moment to act, but, to open to commitment. And afterwards we can ask ‘to what’….? Expect the universe to provide an answer, even though it may not be what you expected!

What may well become apparent here if we work with the opportunity at hand, and carry it beyond this moment, is how that personal higher purpose relates to the tension and challenge at large in the world signified by those T squares. Again, since the inner workings of the grand sextile come through the balanced interlocking of the grand trines, inner clarity and equilibrium is called for. At this time, simply to fund your inner space with receptivity – no agendas, until they can truly be called your own. The remaining opposition between Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces emphasise that while we will undoubtedly feel the importance of spiritualising this time for ourselves it is only when we can truly say that our own path is a ‘path with a heart’ that we can truly commit ourselves to it. Examine how this sits with the way you are living, and, if anything, commit to living it from the heart – this releases great healing into the world. It also has the potential to bring the whole edifice of artificial and dysfunctional living crumbling down. The implications are profound and real. But, like all of such nature it is also at heart most natural.

Its a Zen meditation in the midst of the turmoil of the marketplace, and, even if we sit in isolation on top of the mountain the world below remains what it is, and we a part of it. There is no call for escapist and blinkered idealism here. Nature true and real is our greatest ally – and the chaos and noise within the temple of the city is equally fertile ground for enlightenment. But then, the Zen slap is always unexpected…….!

If I were to wrap up with a philosophical slant upon this reading it would have to come back to how the troubles of our world are founded upon an illusion. At the heart of which is separation. With the Moon in Taurus activating the Star pattern its own opposition with Saturn in Scorpio brings the need for recognition of how deeply our feelings are being controlled, structured and corralled by the false fear engendering opposition of death with life. The earth connection is vital to restoring unity, both psychically, emotionally and materially, and controlling nature, both our own and the living planet’s, through fear is the way to separate us from spirit. This is the illusion, a product of the bifurcation of consciousness.

In this opportunity we have a window into unified, that is to say, ‘original’ consciousness, untrammelled, clear and everpresent. It is enough to just step into that sacred space and allow its inherent nature to bring us home to our own true nature. No effort, no fear, but, a vibrant point of awareness amidst the turbulence of a world in change. Only the strongly grounded unification of male and female principles within the dance of Life – observe, be ready, it is already here……Blessed Be!