Mars enters Cancer


Mars enters the tropical sign of Cancer on the 13th of July beginning a period of increased energy affecting issues surrounding ‘home’, security, significant relationships and emotional well-being, amongst others. Expect a radicalisation of these issues on the global scale, a sharpening of the boundaries between the masses and the personal interests of those who hold and seek to maintain power. This transit is indicative of an increase in the emotional charge with which these are met, and, it lasts through until the end of August. So this could well be the ‘season of our discontent’, but, it can also be a time of valuable creativity – and, there are many other planetary factors that are feeding the fire through this time.

Its going to get hot, don’t doubt it, and, if you have a radical streak and seek to take an active role in the ongoing rise of political, social, economic, environmental and locally focused activism this will be the prime time to step up the gears some in that role and bring a home-grown creative edge to your activities…..not that the ‘campaigns’ will need more clearly defining; as many are now finding both within the USA and where US presences are impinging most actively and heavily on home ground, for example, the ‘campaign’ is on your doorstep…….but, here-in lies the example to us all.

This is a time for high output grass-roots networking, for ‘counter intelligence’ releases, for raising support and awareness for the most keenly felt issues that are affecting your homeland as well as your neighbourhood. On the ground the field is rife with such issues so it will be unavoidable, unless you are completely isolated from the growing influence of global unrest….and, in reality, none of us are. If we don’t see it, chances are we’ll feel it.

The key to working with this energy is in tempering your edge, focusing your energy and mustering your courage, the more concisely to wield your personal power as an instrument of personal sovereignty. The ‘school of hard knocks’ is where that edge becomes most valuable, in the face of diverse challenges that collectively manifest the monopoly of power – here too is where courage rather than security defines your effectiveness. But, security too comes from knowing you are up to the challenge and ready to step up to the plate.

The emotional edge you have is going to be crucial here too – it will be the coolest most discerning ‘observers’ who have that edge. Take time out when you need it and let others take up the call, until you feel rejuvinated enough to re-enter the frey. But, also use this time well to keep hold of your own temper and instead keep a fierce eye on protecting all that is dear to you. While this may seem like a pre-emptive it is more of a heads up and call to pay significant attention to what is immediately happening around you. Surveillance requires intelligent vigilance and that too is the prerogative now.

For many still slumbering this will be the wake-up call, both shocking and emotionally challenging, if the alarm bells start to go off big-time at home. It is tempting to say ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ as the planetary energy has upped significantly over the last few months and it is hard to ignore the underlying feeling that something significant is about to happen. In fact it is happening already, the alarm bells have been ringing for some time, and now is the time to engage with that realisation. Take note…..military rulers and leaders would traditionally have utilised this moment to muster an army from the populace, through energising the people within and behind a common cause, one that unites on home ground, through inculcating a willingness to defend the nations boundaries, both at home and beyond the borders.

An integral part of that feeling is one of threat. The threat that is demonstrated to impinge upon the security of individuals and homeland alike would be its justification. But, with increasing militarisation of policing and tightening of control on personal freedoms, with increasingly obvious violation of natural resources through corporate psychopathy, this is now veering ever more rapidly towards confrontation with the reality of those forces themselves. We are living through a time in which personal freedom supercedes the divide between ‘them and us’ as an incentive. Infact, protecting those freedoms that are personal and the inalienable right of every individual is the primary issue now.

It is also the founding bedrock here of a collective as well as individual movement towards creating healthy conditions in which to live. With the accompanying planetary influences at large we can use the element of surprise, be absurdly and unexpectedly creative within these energies now, and radical beauty changes lives, especially when it is felt personally and applied as a healing salve. Art equals freedom now in equally radical ways…..and, as Lauryn Hill knows all too well, that too is the issue. Such both inspires courage and appreciation and keeps us awake to the world. And, if any confusion over where the threat to these freedoms still exists, this too will become radicalised to the point of being obvious in this time.

The obvious corrollary with Mars in Cancer here is in strengthening the roots that feed us, tapping deep into the ground-water of our lives and drawing courage and ‘the power to live’ up through those roots, and this can be interpreted both literally and symbolically…..becoming self sufficient in pragmatic and meaningful ways carries the radical edge too. The home environment is sacred in such times… is where we draw our boundaries, but, how we do this will depend upon what means we have at our disposal, what is close at hand that carries energy. Self-sufficiency need not be an isolating experience – if you have the means, share them. Calling in your kith and kin, gathering the tribe around the central fire, this can be an amazing season for engendering a well-spring of diverse and vibrant unity. And petition your ancestors to assist you in this – as a brave soul, on the cusp of freedom from slavery, once implied, ‘we stand before our ancestors in this moment, the sole meaning of their existance’. Look down the road……

Mars runs through Cancer over the next 6 weeks through to end August. In the initial phase, we will see Jupiter trine Neptune and Saturn, and Mars conjuncts Jupiter as this manifests the grand water trine these planets are forming. Neptune retrograde creates an inner mood collectively that Saturn direct manifests personally – emotional energy reaches a passionate pitch shot through with meaning with the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter. Turn around feelings of restriction by utilising them as a powerful focus for action. Keep your antennae up. By itself this could be a time of immensely powerful global entrainment, a collective realisation of home truths that unite us within the zeitgeist. But, with Mercury going direct in this initial period, exactly trining both Chiron and the north node of the Moon as it does so, we are hardly likely to experience this only as an inner process or condition. It will challenge us with new experiences. Mercury will closely square Uranus and loosely square Pluto as this unfolds – collective revelation of home truths and the reality of how deeply wounded ‘we’ have allowed ourselves to become will fuel the turn around. It is a moment of reversal of the flow of change and oppression, and one that arises through increasing awareness of the challenges facing our collective movement into unknown territory. With Uranus going retrograde on July 18th the emphasis turns on how ‘we’ feel and percieve ourselves to be uniquely called to these times. Be who you are here to be.

The full Moon in first degree of Aquarius on July 22nd will further initiate this turning point with the Sun entering Leo and Venus entering Virgo simultaneously. We will be pushing issues into the open and taking good care to make sure that none of the details pertaining to those issues are shoved under the carpet. As Mars opposes Pluto and Venus opposes Neptune towards the end of July, Venus will also arrive at the mid-point between Jupiter and Saturn. Expect economic and environmental revelations to fuel the fire further and be ready to see ‘the devil’ called out in that detail. Look after your health and be there for those who are suffering. This is likely to affect all who have planets in the first decan of any sign, around the 5-9 degree point, but, it will be a reflection of how ‘we’ are living too. Knowing and truth are the watch-words, but, be sure to apply them with love and care, being accountable. As obvious as it may already be, individual freedoms are intimately tied up with the reality of global and national issues now, but, it is precisely where knowing, truth, love and care have and are being superceded, controlled and eroded that is the point.

For now this suffices to highlight the general outlook up to August 1st and Lughnasadh. I will be posting an update and special Lughnasadh report nearer that time, looking further down the road that Mars is pioneering in Cancer. Eyes open, no fear and courage in heart, hearth and home……

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