The Wild Horse Moon


Jupiter and Mars play an important role in the eighth lunation of 2014. Jupiter in close but waning conjunction to the new Moon in tropical Leo tells us this is a month of ambitions, for pulling the stops out, getting the most out of life and taking back ownership of our personal roles within the bigger picture. It is about riding the wild horse of our ego, not so that we can become docile and ‘broken in’, but, so that we can harness its power in service to our own evolution. When we can achieve this our individual genius shines through, but, it does require self discipline, honesty and awareness. Great freedom is the gain, but, as with all the most valuable gifts, it surely will not be won without facing equally great challenges.

Mars in tropical Scorpio is in rulership, is an inner fire, a force of nature, and is out to have his/her way. This signals a time of passionate and determined willfulness which, if not outwardly expressed will almost certainly grow inwardly over the month. By the end of the lunation and the new Moon in Virgo, something will have taken shape that will give form to this potential energy and, the trick is, to be bigger than it, to make sure that it is of our making and not imposed upon us. Given that, what we cannot change at hand on an individual level, we will be bound to move by force of will collectively.

We really need to pay attention to this latter point as, when the collective is on the move, its a sure sign that the collective unconscious is in motion as well. Knowing our motivations before we act or make crucial decisions is essential. Without this awareness we risk handing our choices over to the unconscious, and, all to often that is where the ego derives its most manipulative and destructive power. The pressure is on to reach the higher expression of that power. The pressure will be on world leaders in this respect too – they will not be allowed to keep on abusing their power at our expense.

Venus in tropical Cancer opposite Pluto at the beginning of the lunation ends it in Leo square Mars conjunct Saturn! People are sick of war and death dealing. It would be a wondrous thing if we could say ‘We will prevail’ and to do so through our celebration and expression of Life over Death. But, this eighth lunation asks us to be pro-active and not wait for the miracle to happen. The planetary matrix aids and abets us in this as Venus also squares Uranus a few days after new Moon. Unique and creative expression is the ideal safety valve here and this is truly a time to celebrate human diversity, beauty and culture. Empowered creative individuals are also a force of nature when they are working together. In terms of our collective journey, this opens the door for us to manifest a significant aha! moment, which, if it comes through an unquenchable expression of life-force, could perhaps be the one that will tip the balance of power, in which it is the ‘higher level’ that we manifest that makes the difference. Uranus figures in this, especially at the end of this lunation, of which, more in a follow up post. The chart for the Virgo new Moon in August promises something extra-ordinary!

The tension between Jupiter and Mars will be at its strongest in the first two quarters up to full Moon, which is in Aquarius and will sextile Uranus in Aries. In a sense, and with Mercury squaring the Moons nodes as this lunation begins, we are now very much in the business of making our own luck! Don’t forget to petition the higher powers to bless any major undertakings during this time….around the full Moon in particular.

Traditionally the eighth lunation brings the dynamic relationship between life and death consciously into the seasonal and human sphere. The mutual energetic bond between these two poles is itself an expression of a higher power, but, while we may go about our daily business largely running on automatic and missing the presence of that higher power, we can experience it at any time. It becomes especially present through ecstacy and inner illumination. However, the emphasis in the eighth lunation is on manifesting this presence through healing powers, rather than making personal enlightenment the ultimate gain. This rests upon realising the cyclical nature of energy in manifestation. We have to let the power flow through us.

Primal power rising from the root into manifestation at higher vibrations is accelerating alongside light and ecstatic energy in a descent path of absorbtion and growth of quality. Both seasonal energetics and planetary kundalini! Within the medicine wheels this energy cycle is the sunwise flow from east through south, west and north and its return to arise anew once more in the east. Its material manifestation has a moonwise dynamic that follows the reverse path, wrapped around the sunwise flow within each lunation. The sine-wave created is the lunar heart beat followed by plant life and the menstrual cycle, and the eighth Moon is that of the Wise Woman who knows the Life-Death-Life cycle intimately and works with the plant, herb and tree wisdom in particular.

To work with these energies via the intelligence manifest within the planetary and stellar matrix we simply need to align ourselves with Nature. Natural systems align our lives with the creativity that arises from intelligent design within the cosmos. The tropical zodiac is an encodement of that design…….but, crucially, for the people of Earth now, Nature is the map, the terrain and the journey towards achieving that creative design and manifesting its beauty. May the power of Nature prevail. Go well………

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